I waited awhile to launch this because I wanted to get a handle on who I really wanted to include. These writers either helped me out when I was a clueless newbie, or I am attracted to their story, or both.

 I could have listed the usual suspects here, but I know they are not hurting for page visits 🙂 Now of course I love the same PF blogs we all do, but I wanted to purposely target some lesser know blogs (like my own) in order to highlight this next generation of up and coming blogs. I also tried to keep it mostly to blogs started in the last 2 years or so.

Here Goes, in no other order than alphabetical;

Apathy Ends :Sometimes I think I am as easy as a catchy name.

BAMF Money :Banking FU money through Dividends.

BigLawInvestor :Fairly specific to lawyers, like me, so I like it.

DivHut :He has a great list built up for fellow dividend junkies.

DividendGeek : He does EFT’s, I do individual BlueChips. I will keep an eye on this comparison.

DividendDaze : Did I mention I love watching other people’s portfolios?

Dividend Driven :This guy has a lot of the same goals as I do.

Early Retirement Dude :Our blogs are the same age and I like his primate themes.

Epic Quiver : Interesting Dude, I like his life stories.

The Extra Income : I love watching portfolios grow, this site is very thorough with its stock picks.

The Fire Starter UK: Very busy website, I find a lot on it.

The Green Swan :His Fire side chats may not involve FDR but they are still worth checking out.

I Vigilante : This blog has balls.

Miss Mazuma :This Gal’s 3 part series on her personal journey was the inspiration for me doing my own multi part introduction.

The Money Commando :I like his assets, I am a little jealous.

Mr. Tako Escapes :Best ‘nome de plume’ in the business.

PassiveCanadianIncome : All the way ‘Up North’. He likes PMs and Dividends.

Quietly Crushing It: Best name for a financial blog.

Retire In Progress RIP: I think I could hang out with this guy.

TheSavvyCouple :I like their posts about blogging goals, it is easy to follow on a monthly basis.

We Are All Poor Here :This blog is the same age as mine and I like the way he thinks.

We Are All Just Ships Passing In The Night

Over time, you get a feel for who is out there in the blogosphere helping you out along the way, I’d like to give a special shout out to;

Lily at The Frugal Gene

Amy at Life Zemplified

EJ over at DadsDollarsDebts

And Mr. JumpStart at JumpStartFromScratch.

Lastly, I’ll include 2 of my favorite old school blogs;

2million’s Personal Finance blog :I like this guy, I feel like we have similar goals and net worth.

Mr. 1500 Days to Freedom :This might be my favorite blog

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