Year Over Year Net Worth

This post is about my Historical Net Worth over the last decade. I understand that many people do not use their Primary Residence as part of there Net Worth calculation. However, my current residence does not factor into my Retirement Master Plan. I sell the Primary House eventually. I would encourage anyone who isn’t tracking year over year growth to start doing this as early as possible. It can be very difficult to track down old numbers.

The formula used for these calculations is Total Assets MINUS Total Liabilities.

2017 shapes up to be a GREAT YEAR, our single biggest leap, excluding inheritances. A few more like that and it is FIRE time.

HERE is a link to that very first Net Worth calculation in 2006.

2008 was a bad year for probably almost everybody. I divided up the next year into 2 categories, with and without the inheritance we gained when my in-laws passed away in 2008.

2012 saw a big jump in both Assets and Liabilities because of the purchase of the Family Cottage.

2013 was a BIG MILESTONE for me because I wanted to hit 2 commas in the Net Worth before turning 40 and I made it just under the wire!

Keep in Mind; “Comparison is the Thief of Joy”

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What is the your Historical Net Worth?

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