Midsummer Night’s Dream

MY latest Round of Blog Stats.

Already bought my tickets to FinCon19.

Some people question the outlay of money to talk about being smart with your money, but for me the company is so worth the price. I just like to wander around and soak up the atmosphere of so many money nerds in one place. If you have not gone before, just do it once.

Xrayvsn featured me on his series The X-Ray Beam.

Mrs. OthalaFehu was promoted to a supervisor’s position at her job. Atta Girl! New paychecks posted, HERE.

I also started a new reoccurring series based upon my Dividends Gains and Market Moves. Click here for a taste of the new item on the menu.

Pleased to Share my Alexa Ranking, holding fairly steady again this update;

Global 432,909 and U.S. 63,315

Now for the Numbers at the 30th Month Mark

  • 134,906 page views since launching Feb 1, 2017 (+ 19,505 from the As We Enter Our Third Year Blogging Update 2019)
  • 190 total published posts (average 6.3/month) Up from 177 last season
  • 1,314 total comments (I need 102.6 views to average 1 comment) Up from 1,148 last season
  • I have collected 1,733 followers on Twitter – flat 🙁
  • 902 on Pinterest (+29)
  • 922 on Facebook (+32) I finally made a FB Page for OthalaFehu, please GO THERE and Like/follow. Thanks!
  • 491 on Instagram. (Down 40, I am loosing steam on this platform)
  • 45 followers on Quora (+1) Slow and steady wins the race?
  • 132 followers by email/Wordpress (-5)

Tracing the path back to the following sources;

This is using Google & WordPress.

  • Search Engines 5,962
  • Reddit 4,326
  • Rockstar Finance 3,821
  • Facebook 3,394
  • Twitter  @othala_fehu 2,932
  • Directory at RockStar Finance 1,566
  • WordPress 874
  • Retirement Manifesto 866

Popularity of my posts ranked;

Honorable Mention to Mola Mola Fish Hatery. It has really been climbing the charts recently.

Other stats I found;

Average comments per post: 6.3

Total Words Written; 109,500

Average words per post; 586



2 thoughts on “Midsummer Night’s Dream

  1. Appreciate you doing that interview on my site. It was a fun one to design questions specific for you 🙂

    Wow, I didn’t realize you are on so many platforms. I struggle just juggling Pinterest and Twitter.

    I actually published my 200th post today which I find unbelievable because I didn’t know I had even half that # in me when I first started out 🙂

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