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As I hit my First Blogaversary, I have noticed how complicated this ‘running a blog’ thing can really be.

I also noticed that I have developed little tricks to make my blogging life easier.

Why not share, right? After all, the general consensus is that we here in the FIRE niche do not openly compete with each other. Instead, it is more like the old adage ‘a rising tide lifts all boats‘.

After my first few months of blogging, I posted about all The Newbie Mistakes I had Made. Where that post focused on the things I did wrong, this one is geared towards good ideas for others to implement.

Although far from a master of any, I am currently participating in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I also regularly post on the RockStar Finance Forum and the sub Reddit for Financial Independence. (* see note)

*  (Reddit note) Reddit is a funny kingdom. They do not want anything that even smells of self-promotion on this thread and will strenuously root it out. However, there is one time each week where you are allowed to self-promote your blog. With over 300k subscribers, it is worth checking out.

This translates to having many different colored balls in the air at the same time.

Keeping track of what post has already appeared where is a major time sucker.

If you happen to be that person organized enough to cover all of your social media bases for a post as the post is published,screw you kudos to you. I am not that guy.

I am still going back into the archives and making sure each old post hits all the stops on my little circuit. This can easily get confusing.

So I invented my Master Post List. This is simply an excel sheet with almost every post I have ever written. It has 2 major groupings of posts;

Posts that were published and Posts that have not yet been published. As I publish the post, I move it from one group to the other.

The group of posts that have been published has the following columns;

  • Published Date
  • Date posted to RockStar
  • Date posted to Reddit
  • Pinterest Check
  • Facebook Check
  • Instagram Check
  • FB Choose FI Check
  • Tumblr Check

I don’t put a date for Twitter because my posts are instantly tweeted when I publish them and my ‘Revive Old Post‘ app by ReviveSocial takes care of recirculating older ones.

There are also types of posts I do not recycle. Please folks, no body wants to see OLD income/expense/net worth reports. If someone wants that info bad enough, they can dig around for it in your archives.

Back to the Excel Sheet. This is an easy way to keep track of where and when you have highlighted a post.

This method also prevents you from under promoting a  post (GASP!) and creating a post orphan.

The other idea/notion I wanted to float out there as a pearl of wisdom is about your fellow bloggers.

Go ahead and take a moment to stroll through the Directory of Bloggers on RockStar Finance, do it by clicking the last column ‘Start‘. One blog from 1998, then slowly building up over the aughts and then a shit ton in 2016/17.

We are birthed in batches and then massively die off around the 6 month and 1 year marks. Become conscious of your contemporaries, predecessors, and new kids on the block.

I think of these almost as tribes based on your blog’s birthday.

Time and time again we see the ‘tip’ to reach out to more established blogs and do things like guest post. We are the remoras attaching ourselves to the larger more successful fish. You probably already figured that out.

What I am really talking about is the moment you realize that you are somebody else’s bigger fish. Yes you. Your adolescent blog is practically ‘old school’ compared to the eager beaver blogger just trying to get out of the starting gates.

Foster these relationships. Yes, some of them will die off before they ever realize their potential, but a few of those tadpoles will go on to become full blown beautiful bull frogs.

I also try to be helpful and do not HOARD my secrets. People remember who it is that always seems to be commenting, or re-tweeting, or providing helpful suggestions.

I adjust My Blogroll every so often to reflect who I feel has gone out of their way to produce useful stuff but also to reflect who seems to have my back.

A Rising Tide Lifts all Boats

28 thoughts on “Blogger Help and Hints

  1. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary! You have made it (almost).
    Lately I find it harder to keep up with all the GOOD posts, there are just so many of them. Any suggestions on how to keep track of all of them?

  2. Nice work. I have never been able to figure out Reedit or Bogleheads. I seem to get kicked out and so stopped attending those forums…

    Still, twitter is my main stream of republishing. I was doing Pinterest for a wild but have lost interest…for now I keep publishing and hope I continue to naturally grow in traffic..

    • That ‘revive old post’ app is great for twitter, set it and forget it. BTW, you are one of those people I have added to the Blogroll because I notice we actually read and follow each other’s blogs.

  3. Scrolling through the 2017 blog roll takes forever. I got JSFS started at the end of 2016, and feel like a veteran after seeing that list.
    When I started I felt like I had about 10 ideas to get out on paper, and then decided to attempt to publish them into a blog.
    Now I have about 100 ideas along with technical things to learn, things to fix on the blog, and tons of promotion to do. The more you know, the more work you have.
    Once again, I enjoyed your post. Keep up the good work.

  4. I love lurking that subreddit! I didn’t realize they had a “promote your blog” thread, I’ll definitely have to check it out

  5. I really need to up my social media game as that’s clearly lacking for me.

    I started my blog a while ago(tail end of 2015 I think) but didn’t really get serious until I moved it to wordpress sometime like 6 or 7 months ago after YOU suggested it on reddit so I think I’ll take that as the birthdate of my real blog since blogger sucked.

    Thanks for the great suggestion by the way!

    • Different people think different social media vehicles work best, I personally have seen the most traffic from Twitter.

  6. As a newbie, I thought it would be all fun and posts! But I am figuring out sometimes the marketing and random technical things you need to do take up more time! I have around 20 plugins already, what? I hate to imagine what happens to the site once things start breaking. Trying to figure out which plugin would cause what error is a bit terrifying.

    Also, venturing into ad space and creating your own ad waterfall was something I spent nearly 5 hours on! I only spend 2-3 hours per post!! And the graphics! Oh man, it’s fun, but the nitty gritty things get to ya!

    • Ya it is as much work as you want to put into it. I too have looked into Stumbleupon, I am keeping watch on your RS post, maybe it could work out.

  7. Woohoo! Making it a year is a big feat, Congrats! I’ve got a month to go. It’s amazing what we’ve learned over the year. It’s also pretty amazing how many new blogs there are all the sudden. Fun to watch them all and read the new voices. Hard to keep up though.

    I’m glad you’ve found traffic from Reddit and the other social platforms, they can all be such crazy beasts.

    Here’s to another good year!

  8. Congrats — that’s great you’ve made it though a year. So far I’m only posting on Twitter (now automatically) and Rockstar, so this is helpful info going forward. I haven’t used Revive Old Post yet but I’m still new to Twitter — took me a while just to figure out how to get the right photo to post there. Ha! Thanks for the tips.

  9. I agree with your analysis on Reddit. I sometimes wish they would let people self promote but it’s also a no holds bar critical analysis for that person who would be brave enough to self promote knowing they’ll be grilled. I prefer that rather than near total censorship of even possibly very helpful information.

    • I get it though, can you imagine how annoying bloggers can ruin a site like that. There is no good way to tell the helpful plugs from the shameless ones.

  10. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary. You have achieved a lot in such a short period!

    I was looking for a pluggin to automate Twitter, I thought I was going to have to pay for one 🙂 But it looks like ROP is exactly what I need. Thanks for the tip!

    • It really does seem to work well, and you can exclude whole categories, like net worth updates, so that nobody is reading your outdated stuff.

  11. I do fairly well for the social media on my other blog, but not too well on the blog itself. For my main blog, I do well on the blog itself but not too well on the social media. It’s weird.

  12. Cracking idea to create a spreadsheet for all your posts. I’ve not yet hit my 2 month anniversary but have started to realise that I am not going to remember and be able to keep up with all my posts as I keep going. I’m already having to scroll back through previous posts to see which ones would be suitable for internal links!

    I’m going to steal your spreadsheet idea – with pride!

    • It is there for the taking. After the 10th time I went back through ALL of my comments on Reddit to find out what posts I shared, I knew I needed a better system.

  13. Congratulations on achieving the 1 year mark. And thank you for the helpful tips. The excel one is really EXCELlent.

    I didn’t even know that Reddit allows you to self promote 1x/wk. That would be perfect to get my fledgling blog greater exposure. 🙂

    I’m almost at the 3 month mark of my blog, hopefully I can have a 1 yr blogoversary as well.

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