Now That’s A Blogroll!

I waited awhile to launch this blogroll to get a handle on who I really wanted to include. These writers either helped me out when I was a clueless newbie, or I am attracted to their story, or both.

Over time, you get a feel for who is out there in the blogosphere helping you out along the way, I’d like to give a special shout out to;

2 new friends; CrispyDoc and FrogDancerJones

Lily at The Frugal Gene

Amy at Life Zemplified

EJ over at DadsDollarsDebts

And Mr. JumpStart at JumpStartFromScratch.

Steve’s Boss over at TimeintheMarket.

Lastly, the Good Doctor over at XRAYVSN.

There is such a short list of FIRE types who venture out into story telling, we should all know each other. Here’s one;

And Freddy at Freddy Smidlap

The Usual Suspects

I could have listed the usual suspects here, but I know they are not hurting for page visits 🙂 Now of course I love the same PF blogs we all do, but I wanted to purposely target some lesser know blogs in order to highlight this next generation of up and coming blogs. I also tried to keep it mostly to blogs started in the last 2 years or so.

Here you go;

Investegies : This site has lots of articles to help out investors.

Here are the Blogs I follow that concentrate on Dividend Portfolios;

DividendPower :Whenever I do not feel like doing the research myself, this guy has good write ups on individual dividend stocks.

DivHut :He has a great list built up for fellow dividend junkies.

DividendDaze : Did I mention I love watching other people’s portfolios?

DividendsDiversify : Because who can have enough dividend blogs? It’s like free money!

Dividend Driven :This guy has a lot of the same goals as I do.

PassiveCanadianIncome : All the way ‘Up North’. He likes PMs and Dividends.

Stockles : Keeping track of Nordic PF sites and trying to get to his goal of $80k in dividends.

Two Ships Passing in the Night

ALSO for something really different;

I am trying to build some bridges with the Prepping community and have started to try and get some crossover traffic. Here are some links for those interesting in pursuing;

Survival Pulse 

This list does change over time, check back every once in awhile.

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  1. Really honored to be included on this list. I have been a fan of your blog as well and nice to see that you consider mine worthy of mention as well.

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