Tips for the Road #3 – Camping

This is the Third installment of my ongoing series of Random Survival Information. More of a Camping theme going on this time;

Frist things first, where to set up camp? A couple of things to keep in mind;

Dry level ground. You do not want your feet higher than your head while you sleep. Blood will rush to your head.

No trees that look like they might fall. They are know in the parlance of the outdoors as ‘Widow Makers‘ for a reason.

It is good to be near the water, but not right near it (bugs).

Shade is desirable, maybe even a wind brake. But you also want a slight breeze for purposes of bugs and smoke

Pointing your tent opening toward the rising sun may also help with temperature and with getting an early start.

Random Camping Ideas;

Wrapping a belt around a tree makes a stable purchase upon which you can hang many different things. better than lying on the ground.

Try to keep away from poisonous plants, here are 3 common offenders in North America;

Strap a light to an ordinary plastic jug of water and it gives off a lantern effect.

A shoe organizer makes a great camp organizer.

A bucket, a hole, and a plunger. No silly, it is a outdoor washing machine. Perfect for camping.

Two uses for a simple pencil; 1) keep a pencil sharpener to create tinder with the shavings. 2) rub the graphite on stuck zippers, works like a charm.

Also bring some hard candies with you. Sucking on them decreases the sensation of thirst.

Wearing Pantyhose under your socks will cut down on blisters over a long haul. Lots of other uses for panty hose here.

Knots are your friends, make some of them well known before you need to.

Knowing how long until the sun goes down in important when you need time to set up camp; Try to give yourself at least 2 hours of daylight. From the Art of Manliness.

These are established trail signs when camping;

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  1. How long can you last with the possible civil war nearing? Have you written about how to escape the city when TSHTF?

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