Chapter 3; Magic, For Lack Of A Better Word

Let me start with an example that is not specific to my little world; Barack Obama. I was living in Chicago during his rise and can tell you some things about how uncanny it was.

In 1996, Alice Palmer screwed up and decides to run for U.S. Congress because she thought Jessie Jackson Jr would go for U.S. Senate. He didn’t and she had to try and get her Illinois House seat back. But by then Obama was running in her place and challenged her petitions to even run, she was disqualified and he won unopposed.

Then in 2000, without boring factoids, just know that he got his butt handed to him by Bobby Rush, by like more than 2 to 1, trying to get to the U.S. House.

Next in 2004, Carol Mosley Braun goes all corrupt and does not run again for her U.S. Senate seat. The Republican field is wide open. A guy named Oberweiss (ice cream empire) runs a scary commercial talking about stadiums full of immigrants flooding in and drops back from the lead. Jack Ryan wins the Republican nomination and is all set to smear this nobody upstart Obama.

But, we learn than he is a weird sex dude who made his wife Jeri Ryan (from Star Trek) go to sex clubs and nobody puts ‘7 of 9‘ in that position. Obama is now a senator. Gets to make that famous speech in 2004 as the Key note of the DNC.

He beats out Hillary, ‘it’s her turn, legacy of a political dynasty‘ Clinton for the nomination in 2008.

Pause for Effect there.

Starting during this campaign, there is a momentum, a feeling, that this train is going all the way.

Talk to a serious athlete and they will likely say the same thing, sometimes there is this extra something, maybe the crowd cheering? But something that makes you play better/know you will win. What it that thing?

I am reluctant to use the word magic because then you sound like a person who openly talks about magic. But I do believe there is something besides what we can prove in a classroom or a laboratory.

I like this definition of magic; the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

The notion of ‘apparently influencing‘ is spot on.

As far as mysterious forces. That is forever entwined with what we know (and don’t know) of the runes. On one layer they are letters to perform the same function of any other alphabet. Under the surface, they have a more complex, even hidden, meaning that can be manipulated by those with the knowledge to do so.

Supernatural is an easier meaning to me. Natural traits are those we can isolate categorize and define through scientific means. Supernatural simply means aspects that we can acknowledge even if we do not fully comprehend their true shape or effect.

We easily accept that say, a farmer, understands things about farming that we do not. It is his specialty, his livelihood. Of course he has acquired knowledge about the subject that a non farmer has not. Or say a blacksmith, they can turn a metal bar into a horseshoe, I can not. They have practiced and perfected this task. Well we used to have people whose area of expertise was magic. Did they know things we have lost? I think that is plausible, evenly likely.

I have always been hesitant to call forth any magic.

This is for 2 reasons. First I have always felt that the nature of magic and the asking for it is closely tied to Gebo and its two-sided-ness. What I mean is that to ask for or receive a thing is to give a thing. There is no free lunch and I have always balked at that price because I am only somewhat confident of my grasp on these practices.

Secondly, I am worried it will not work and therefore reduce my belief and even my hope that these things are possible. I have a very rational side to my personality that can easily break the will of even the most wide eyed optimist in me.

I will share 2 examples from my life where I feel I worked some magic into the world later on in these posts.

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