Updates from the Edge

Another month of concerns over these stormy seas. Alas, my net worth is up over $111,000 in one month, but I fear this means little in the greater scheme of things to come.

This is my laziest Net Worth Update yet. I simply made my normal tracking sheet into a clickable PDF below;


Probably has lots of abbreviations that do not make complete sense, but I figure you will manage. I did manage to pay off the last of my lingering HELOC balance from buying my first rental property.

I still am of the same bleak opinion I was last week, post about that here. The world has done little to assuage my concerns.

I keep wondering if I should retract from the markets because this partial recovery feels like it is built upon smoke and mirrors. The next problem is that nowhere looks like a port in this storm. Real Estate, stocks, cash???

Guess I will just keep watching for the next big wave and ride it out as best I can. I know I have more or am luckier than most, my stress and worry is for all of us – both great and small.

What are your concerns?

I think what I find most confusing is that we, as a country (America), are literally the worst place to try and stick to a top down quarantine response while simultaneously being literally the most well placed country in terms of an ability to get out of an economic disaster. Which of our blessings/curses will prevail?


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