Crying Over Spilt Money

I hemmed and hawed about posting this one. I have kept this list for years just to lament over some of the serious money I have spent over the years. Plenty of these entries can be justified as a good allocation of resources. Heck, splurging for Lasik surgery was the best $2,700 I ever spent.

Gotta do what it takes to get a good job right? Gotta live somewhere and drive to work right? Need to raise a family and try to provide for the kids. Gotta have some fun!

How you blow your money is as important as how you save your money.

I think I really keep this list to keep pace of my ever changing life. Call it a little perspective. As I keep journaling about my Financial Life, I have come to the realization this is also my Actual Life.

This is not just a story about numbers. There are feeling and lives attached here, it is really MY story highlighted by little relatable bits of material fact because that is how we FIRE types like to digest our soap operas.

Anyway here is some moments and milestones in my life in that language we all speak.

Don’t forget $10,000 worth of cigarettes from ages 17-27.

Or $10,000/year eating out at restaurants as a family of 4.

Maybe you should have his finacial adviser executed

Maybe this is where personal growth comes from? You sit back looking at the face in the mirror and think, is this me? Did I change this much, come this far from the Shire?

Guess you can never really go home.

I can still remember actually looking through couch cushions to rustle up $3.14 to buy the 2 cheeseburger #2 from McDonald’s. I used to spill an overflowing ashtray on the rug and just kind of brush it around until it looked normal again.

Now I am trying to pick out which exotic granite counter top defines me as a person. Maybe I need a Fight Club, any takers?

10 thoughts on “Crying Over Spilt Money

  1. This is an interesting list. And Yes, this is where personal growth comes from. And we are far away from the Shire. And Kansas is going bye bye.
    We would have some geographical barriers but I am in for the fight club idea. However I have a feeling I know how it would end. As I get know you from your posts you are more like a Tyler 🙂 I am more like Edward Norton before he got beaten himself in his boss’s office.

  2. In my brief stint as an investor, I have learned that it is not worth crying over spilled money. I lost my ray ban sunglasses in the river at Zion Canyon park. Went in and bought a new pair coz I need one. Sometimes, the expenses are justified.

  3. I started listing stuff for myself. Our big standout expense is $126k on 6 cars over the last 22 years. So unnecessary for a couple of teachers. What was I thinking?
    I also have no idea I have spent fixing up our house. Long series of projects over 18 years with no records. Could be $40k. Could be $80k. I honestly have no clue.

    • Ya but maybe driving means a lot to you. I don’t care much what I drive as long as it gets me there.

      I keep a running list of house upgrades so that if and when I ever sell I know what the true gain is over time.

  4. Interesting list — and perhaps a good thing to do if done with the right attitude, which you seem to have. No use crying over spilt money — but one can resolve to spill less in future…

  5. Haven’t we all spilled our money over the years? I know I have.

    Maybe the worst was when I married a woman who would spend every dollar every month. Down to the point where we couldn’t even buy a gallon of milk until next payday.

    That was two years in a monetary black hole. One positive thing was that I secretly started putting a few percentage points into the TSP. I mean the money was going to be blown otherwise. Ended up at around $7K by the time the divorce went through.

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