Cryptocurrency Sucker

One year ago, I was telling my friend that I knew Covid would not kill us off. However, I WAS WORRIED about the economic damage. That going through Covid might lead to financial ruin.

Fast forward 1 year and my opinion has evolved.

I think our economy is on the brink of a huge surge. There is a lot of pent up money waiting to come back in. The government just went ‘all in‘ on trying to spend our way out of economic paralysis.

This new viewpoint has caused my to extend some financial tentacles into areas I have left purposefully untouched for years now.

Part of that siren’s call is Cryptocurrency.

I am usually a pretty disciplined investor. My stock portfolio consists of tried and true dividend stocks. There are no cross our fingers and hope for the moon growth stocks. I think now is the time to set some money aside for the moonshot.

I understood blockchain technology from an early date, I just did not want to speculate. Now bitcoin is a bit out of my reach. After talking long into the night with a younger cousin, I decided to check out Coinbase.

Buying cryptocurrency quickly becomes addictive. Some many of them are so cheap. I bought an assortment of cheapies and put a decent chunk into Ethereum.

If you have not heard of NFT’s, you should look into them. This platform Ethereum is based on is going to morph into many things that will become standard in our lives.

Bitcoin is really more of a simple buy/transfer/hold platform for digital currency.

Ethereum is laying the groundwork for something much bigger.

Every time a new idea popped into my head about how this type of technology could be used, my cousin told me it had already just happened. Collectibles, art, music, contracts, it will be more than just currency. It will redefine how we transact value.

Lastly, the Rebel in me loves that it dismantles the centralized powers of our world. This is the wild west and the institutions that held control over us are going to become obsolete.

If you happen to open a Coinbase account, use this link to get $10 worth of Bitcoin free and me too!


2 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Sucker

  1. I see where you are coming from and I am evolving too this. I have stated no to crypto, but I am coming around to the idea that it could/should be a very small part of my net worth. And I like Ethereum better than Bitcoin. Not sure if I will still, but I am getting there.

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