Current PayChecks

These are our current paychecks as of 2/6/20. I have been slow to update but the 2/2021 numbers are His $ 89,897 and Hers $ 149,425.

In September 2016, I took a different job with less pay but a better climate and more room for salary increases. How do you put a dollar amount on your mental health?

HER paycheck  altered significantly after 05/27/19 as she a promotion on the Government Service (GS) pay scale.

The way that our government pay scales works is that we do not ‘compete’ for raises. The raises happen automatically and coincide with how long you have worked there.

before that;

Wife also got a ‘merit-based’ raise in September!

I also have years worth of old paycheck data if you are interested in more than just our current paychecks.

SEO is a bully and it makes you add unnecessary words to hit ‘minimum’ lengths to appease the search gods. Whatever.

We (humans) are closer in time to the existence of Tyrannosaurus Rex then the T-Rex is to the existence of Stegosaurus. For real.

Attractive people think the world is a lot more polite than it really is.

Barney is the Antichrist, Barney = CUTE PURPLE DINOSAUR

No ‘U’ in Latin, makes ‘V’ sound;     CVTE  PVRPLE  DINOSAVR

Roman numeral equivalents here;    V           V      L     DI            V

Numeric values of those letters;         5           5    50 500 1      5

Add all of that up and presto;                5 +5 + 50 + 500 + 1 +5

Need you any further proof;  666

Nothing is on fire, Fire is on things.

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  1. Nice, I appreciate the level of openness. It’s interesting to see how much other bloggers are making as it gives you a starting point if you want to pursue a similar path.

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