Demolition Complete

This is an update to my ongoing FIRST rental unit Saga. My inherited tenant left unexpectedly and now I have to renovate the poorly laid out apartment on the first floor.

I got suckered into feeling bad for a family of 3. They own pets. They are about to lose their current housing and wanted to get into this unit ASAP. The new deadline for work is September 1st.

I was planning on taking the leisurely route being as how I was not losing money and still have my full time job.

But my handy cousin was looking for work and so we started on the lofty goal of doing it ourselves in a 30 day time period.

With 10 days left, the demolition is complete. The drywall guys are coming in this weekend. Flooring is bought and will be installed next Thursday. Kitchen is bought and we will put in right after we paint the whole thing 🙂

I learned a bunch while doing it and have to say not all Millennials are lazy turds. I am quite impressed with the industriousness and know how of my younger cousin.

Alas, I know you want to look at pictures, so here goes;

We tore out the kitchen. Replaced both appliances with gently used ones. Will be adding more cabinets this time – in classic white. That stupid corner means I have to get a custom counter top being as how mitered stock counters come only for inside corners, not the way less common, outside corner.

Time and time again, we kept finding that there were nice high ceilings being covered up by drop ceilings, WHY? We got another 3 feet out of most of the ceilings and it really opened up the smaller rooms. Forget scraping, just put drywall straight up against the ‘new’ ceiling and paint.

We also removed one wall in its entirety as part of the demolition process. Now there is a nice big living room. We put the header in ourselves. Impressed?

Although less noticeable in this photo, we also tore out a half wall and a closet to open up one of the bedroom that now has a 1/2 bath en suite.

Other major changes during demolition involved relocating the laundry from a bedroom, to a hall closet (stack-able). We also built a wall to change a hallway-to-nowhere into a closet on one side and a walk-in pantry in the other. The overall flow is still odd, but way more workable than before.

Doing the electrical/plumbing work ourselves saved over $1,500. Our local town also had its ‘Dump Days‘ at a fortuitous time and we were able to dispose of old flooring and walls for free.

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Demolition Complete

Renovation Complete

Covid19 gave us all some time on our hands. I used that to some advantage. I wish it had been more. We spent most of the spring stress eating.





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