My Big Net Worth and Its Big Disconnect

Dollars and Disconnect – October is the month when I run my Year Over Year comparison to surmise how the fiscal year went for me.

The numbers were banging this year. A personal record high. Up over a quarter of a million bucks. Perfectly on track to retire at 50 if I want.

So why is it bugging me so much? Because this market does not make sense to me. I see so many problems on the horizon, but I do not see the markets responding to these same scenarios.  Can I be that off with my pessimism or is it somewhat more nefarious?

Do the moneyed people live a life of such disconnect from the people down below?

All this financial turmoil out there, several big shoes poised to drop in the near future (commercial real estate anyone?) and the stock market is at all time highs?

I get it that you still have to park your money somewhere and all of the sudden cash may not be such a timelessly reliable idea. But real estate, commodities, and precious metals are only up a bit, not enough to point to that as the desired location for all the excess capital.

So I watch, I wait on the sidelines. I trickle into the markets and search for the sign I am looking for.

Here is the Year Over Year chart I am referring to;

My coffers increased by $284,000 in the last 12 months. On pace to need less than 4 years to rack up another million in assets. 39 years for the first million, 6 years for the second, maybe 4 for the third, what then 2 years for number four? I’ll take it.

I do not take too much comfort in this as I see then next 3 months or so to be a total shitshow and expect the markets to reflect the instability accordingly.

Does this disconnect bother you? do you wish you had a Panic Room yet?


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