Dividend Junkie Review March 2019

I already update my Dividend Payouts every month and my Blogroll is crawling with Dividend sites.

Let’s face it, I’m a Dividend Junkie.

And I am far from alone. There are loads of us out here in the ether, lurking around,  ogling each others portfolios.

And by ogling I mean ‘to look at amorously, flirtatiously, or impertinently‘.

At the close of each month, I will now display my Dividend Gains and Market Moves for your voyeuristic viewing pleasure.

Compared with last year;

My Dividend tally is slowly creeping toward that Epic Milestone of $1,000/month. My plan is to not stop until I am replacing $1,500/month of paycheck income with passive income from a Dividend Portfolio.

Without further teasing,

I DO NOT buy stocks to have them go up in value and then sell at a profit. That kind of stock market game is not to my taste. It is too hard to try and beat the market, I learned my lessons long ago.

One of the great things about this type of Portfolio is that I am not living and dying with the swings of the market. I do not care much about the day to day ups and downs of the DOW because I am interested in the Dividends, not the market value of the individual stock.

Market Moves;

I usually sell off a stock when I am down either more than $400 or 12%. I hoard up these losses to take as a deduction on my taxes. The IRS allows a deduction of up to a $3,000 loss of stock transactions in a given year. What I don’t use, I roll over for future years.

It also turns blood red Bear markets into nothing other than buying opportunities.

Have faith in the markets, at least for a percentage of your capital.

I have plowed a total of $18,193.00 into this portfolio for the calendar year 2019.

January – I added $ 9,500 in cash and $908.55 in dividends to my portfolio.

February – I added $ 3,000 in cash and $317.52 in dividends to my portfolio.

March – I added $ 3,000 in cash and $ 1,466.93 in dividends to my portfolio.

My 2019 automatic deposits to this account have been bumped up from $250 to $500/month. Plus all dividends accumulated are used to buy additional shares. I also stuff random amounts of cash into buying more shares whenever the opportunity arises because I am more than a little obsessed. Are you a dividend junkie?

4 thoughts on “Dividend Junkie Review March 2019

  1. i like that sysco buy with the growing dividend and plenty of coverage. pg has made a nice comeback. i get most of my dividends from preferred etf;s. i have 3 of them: pff (disappointing), spff, and jps and they pay monthly about 700 total. they yields sure as hell are better than you can get from 10 year notes these days. i might turn reinvestment off at some point and decide where to allocate when they accumulate.

    • I do love a monthly payment, I will look into those EFTs, right now only my Reaves Utilities EFT (UTG) pays monthly.

  2. Hi – have you ever considered mutual funds with an investment strategy of investing in high dividend yielding stocks? What about a high dividend yielding ETF?

    If you have considered them, what are the reasons why you didn’t invest in them?

    • I could but quite frankly its a little boring that way. I do it this way to stay vested while im invested.

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