Chapter 17; A Dream of A Fetch

Is there anything worse than someone telling you about THEIR dream? It is on par with them reading their poetry.

I am willing to do both by the way, one need only to ask.

Sometimes the picture drives the narrative. I once had a dream about an ex girlfriend sitting next to my bed smoking a cigarette with a fox head. Later found out foxes are a common fetch for a girl in her prime years.

The fetch is described as a spectral double of a living human.

The appearance is usually regarded as ominous. A sighting of a fetch is generally taken as a portent of its exemplar’s looming death.

Dreams are like the bottom of the ocean. We are conscious that they exist, yet we do not  know much about them. Humans are ready to explore planets light years from Earth and have yet to explore the depths of our own oceans. All this time studying the human condition and the mind is still mysterious to us.

I like to think that dreams are sometimes meaningless and sometimes profound. They can run the gambit. Maybe it is something we are trying to tell ourselves, maybe the message is trying to get through from somewhere else. You don’t know the answer. Smarter people than us do no know the answer.

Lie back and enjoy the ride.

Don’t sell your house because of a dream, but there is no harm in spending some time thinking about where a dream came from and whether or not it is relevant to something going on in your waking life.

Ansuz, Odin’s Rune is associated with insight and intuition.

Intuition and insight are intriguing phenomena of non-analytical mental functioning: whereas intuition denotes ideas that have been reached by sensing the solution without any explicit representation of it, insight has been understood as the sudden and unexpected apprehension of the solution by recombining the single elements of a problem.

This is why I think dreams and poetry are intertwined, but I will save that rant for the post on Poetry.

I have always felt sad for the people who swear to me that they can never remember their dreams.

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