End of Summer Net Worth – A Different Look

We are into September and only one month away from my annual side by side comparison of yearly NW growth.

This end of summer net worth check is in a slightly different format. I noticed month after month of my normal NW updates and thought I would change it up for a second.

Attached here is the line by line breakdown of each asset and liability. As you can see we are up considerably this month, around $ 81,000 plus for the month. That is fantastic growth.

The decline in liabilities is usually just a steady trickle of mortgage payments principal reduction, averaging about $ 1,225 a month.

Some highlights; Our first official rental property (besides the VRBO lakefront cottage) is up and running and full of tenants. During a smooth month, this property should be up $ 500 in the black. A nice little addition to my passive income family which will someday replace enough paycheck income to quit my job!

A recent feverish renovation of the ground floor unit allowed me to up the value by $10,000.

I have also had some recent movement on a long sluggish bout of ‘don’t loan money to friends‘. My business venture with a friend has started back up paying profit % to me. I made up about $ 8,000 in the last several weeks.

Also, the stash of gold and silver at the bank has gone up nicely for those of us who care about the shiny metals.

I always knew that eating out was a huge problem for my family. Anyway, Covid19 and eating at home is probably the single biggest factor in our big increase in cash reserves. I have about $30,000 above an beyond my normal levels and I am starting to get itchy with it.

MY next moves hinge on the ever present dilemma of; Should I concentrate on paying off a mortgage? – OR – Should I keep improving incoming streams of revenue?

End of Summer Net Worth stands at $2,133,594.00!

Fun Fact, it took me the first 39 years of my life to hit a million in NW. The second million came in just an additional 6 years and 3 months. Stay the course my friends!

Let's get things nice and sparkling clear