This is my current rental property dilemma. A tenant unexpectedly left as of July 1. The unit is now sitting empty because, of course, my vacation was also in July.

I was hoping to get in at least a years worth of rent before I had to contemplate this question;

  • Forgo any rents for a few months to renovate the lower unit, or
  • Just rent it out again as is.

The problem lies in that it is a very ugly unit. The last use for this floor before it was converted to an apartment was as a dental office. Needless to say the layout does not work.

Think I am exaggerating? Take a look at the flow of this FrankenApartment;

Notice there is no rhyme or reason here. Observe the hallways to nowhere. It feels like the house from Devil in the White City. Specifically designed to confuse the guests so you can more easily murder them.

Everyone I have consulted so far, expert and layman alike, furrow their brows and make funny faces.

It is a layout only a landlord could love. I think they did it to squeeze in another bedroom and the half bath. I am seriously contemplating going back down to a 2 bedroom, 1 bath layout.

Talk about the wrong time to drop thousands on a construction project. Because projects were delayed by Covid for so long, everyone I talk to is “at least 2 months out” from taking this on.

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4 thoughts on “FrankenApartment

  1. dude, the guy who fixed up our attic studio is a legit competent and honest contractor. it took him about a year to have the time to do our job. the good ones are always booked up. you’re right. that layout is terrible.

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