4th Guest Post – A Prepper’s Perspective

The first time I saw Michael Dinich find a way to reference Admiral Thrawn as part of a post on personal finance, I knew we could be friends.

So when he asked me to do a guest post, I was more than happy to oblige.

I wanted to tackle the notion of embracing preparedness without becoming the weird guy sleeping among his pallets of dried beans waiting for the government to come and take his guns.

Prepping does not need to be a lifestyle. I think it would suffice to relegate Prepping to hobby status.

I wanted to touch on the big draws of Prepping for FIRE types;

Frugality. Minimalism. Self Reliance, and Independence.

Prepping leads to mastery of the Art of Minimalism.

You won’t be able to ‘Call the Guy‘ when a disaster scenario happens. You need to be the Guy.

FIRE wants you to get your finances in shape. Prepping asks you to get your logistics in shape.

Check out the Post here at Michael Dinich, Your Money Geek.

Someday my hope is to see a whole tribe of people who practice rational preparedness in terms of both financial and emergency planning.

We just need to keep presenting and emphasizing the commonalities.

I suspect the big hurdle is that people think of Prepping as the gun nut in his bunker basement.

I am thinking we could begin to dismantle this stereotype (rooted in some degree of the truth) by choosing a new word to go by.

Might I suggest ‘Rational Preparedness






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