Is it wrong to suggest that Chicken Pox builds character?

Back with another edition of The Good Old Days Revisited.

There are many things I used to do that I no longer do. Some things I no longer do are because they are stupid things to do. Other things I don’t do because I just can’t actually do them anymore.

I keep thinking about the things that I just can’t do anymore because the world has changed. Wanna Hear it, Hear it go.

People at Concerts with their Phones….

What the hell are you doing? You paid the money, you got all dressed up and drove all the way down here. You found parking, you cattle called it through security. Enjoy the damn concert. Why are taping the whole thing on your phone?

I don’t believe you that you will ever watch it again. Live in the MOMENT. People are so infatuated with documenting their ideal life that they forget to live their ideal life. Make memories, not memes.

I want to grab them and throw them. There is nothing like live music, the crowd interaction with the band. Be there for it. Geesh.

For the record my last concert was a band called ‘The Fucking Pantera Cover Band‘. I was NOT the oldest person there, and YES, I owned the whole show, it was MINE.

Good old days revisited – Fist Fights

I get it, I am a grown up now and not supposed to get into physical altercations. I know that and I agree, what I am talking about here – is my kids. My oldest is 14 and he has never raised a fist in anger against another kid with only the occasional half-hearted attempts on his younger brother.

I am not sure this is better, but it sure is different than my youthful sparring. By his age, I had been in no less than 5 knock down drag out fights with 3 different kids, usually with the kid who was my best friends at the time.

We would be fine a day later, but boy would we try to kick the stuffing out of each other. Other kids watched and cheered. Adults were even hesitant to break it up right away. We cried as we swung. Lots of useless punches to the back, arms and hard parts of the skull. Is this not a rite of passage? Are our kids better off nowadays?

I will hold off on my immediate judgement and wait to see how the world plays out a little longer.

Pages and Pages of Passwords….

I remember when you had to have 85 different username and password combinations for all of your internet sites. I used to have to keep 4 pages of handwritten notes of which passwords went with what accounts.

And on top of that you got to change them up every now and again because god only knows how often hackers were trying to bust into your Fandango account.

Now kids have their bio-metric readout. Once quick glance at the eyeball or their thumbprint and everything is instantly available to them.

Whatever, I miss my binder full of soon to be changed passwords. I miss going to my backpack twice a day to look up whether my Pizza Hut password was bigboobies4ever or Iheartboobies.

Fine so maybe we aren’t there yet with the whole SkyNet looking at your eyeball to let you into your personal cloud, but I will bet every last dollar it sure is coming. And I won’t like it when it does.

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4 thoughts on “Is it wrong to suggest that Chicken Pox builds character?

  1. I so want to chuck all the phones during a concert. Especially the ones blocking my view. If i wanted to see a concert through a phone I would have stayed home.

    I’ve never gotten into a fight. Close a few times. But even those moments build character and resilience.

  2. Ok, I am guilty of whipping out a cell phone during a concert but usually it is to take some pics and then maybe a 2 min video of one of the songs being played. After that I am part of the concert 🙂

    I’ve been in one knock down fight before with a neighborhood kid, but nothing serious 🙂

  3. very nice. i had a smack fiend down the hall in my boarding house who played helmet non-stop, but i’m sure there was some pantera in the rotation for variety. every now and then he would bang on my door in the middle of the day and say “hey freddy, wanna come drink some vodka?” the answer was usually “yes.”

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