The Good Old Days

Remembering The Good Old Days

There are many things I used to do that I no longer do. Some things I no longer do are because they are stupid things to do. Other things I don’t do because I just can’t actually do them anymore (is break-dancing still happening somewhere?)

I keep thinking about the things that I just can’t do anymore because the world has changed. Anyway I felt like bitchin about it.

I can remember the good old days…..

Going to a concert to see 7 bands for $7 Bucks. Maybe they were not very good, but what a deal. That is pretty much free music and a good time to be had by all.

Fast Forward to today, – and some robot buys all the tickets in the first 1.6 seconds after they go on sale. Then you are directed to a third party resale site where you pay twice the face value. You’re not done yet, because the third party (F@#$ YOU Ticketmaster) gets a ???SERVICE FEE??? for hooking you up with one of the robot’s tickets. Now you paid $75 dollars to see 2 bands.

What About….

Going to a movie theater and paying for your overpriced ticket. (I’m not that old, it was still fairly expensive even when I was young) However, you better bet I was sneaking candy from the five and dime in with me. I will not pay a lot for these Goobers!

Then after that movie, calmly walking into the next theater over and catching a second movie, now each one is half price!

Fast Forward to today, – I can’t get my family of 4 in and out of the AMC Corporate HellHole for less than $60 bucks and that’s with me not getting anything to eat, just sitting there stewing as I listen to my kids spill their $9 dollar popcorn onto the floor.



You know what ….

When I was a teenager we ‘hung out’, maybe at the mall. You know what that costs? Nothing. Maybe some quarters for the arcade. (That was this whole place set aside for playing video games because we didn’t just have all of them at our house.) Maybe some cash for the food court. You saw your friends, actually saw them in the same place you were. You tried to find members of the opposite sex that were from totally different schools. This hardly ever worked, but trying was enough to get us to repeat this adventure every weekend.

Fast Forward to today, – Kids don’t even want to get their driver’s license when they turn 16. There is no Mall to go to. They spend time “with each other” on the internet. Hanging out is not a thing and dating involves swiping left on those damn phones they are attached to.

Feeling Old today talking about the Good Old Days ….

25 thoughts on “The Good Old Days

  1. Ah the good old days…Do we just remember the fond times, or were they better? I suspect it is just our memory…but yes times are changing quickly and while I like my super advanced phone, it does suck the life out of us…

  2. Ah yes, the mall and arcades. Of course I was jamming to Iron Maiden, Saxon, Judas Priest… wearing my denim jacket and white sneakers. And off with friends to go check out the cassette area. Trying to make eyes at the girls…
    I refuse to pay the $$ that is asked for nowadays. I still have fun doing stuff but I’m conscious of what it all costs.
    Good article…

  3. I’m with you on those ticket service fees, and the movie theater costs for that matter! We can’t fix these things?

  4. Sounds like we are from the same generation. I used to hang at a mall all the time. My kids may not know what a mall is. I never thought about the lack of hanging out now. I hope the kids these days do not give that up. It would be sad if they did. Hanging out online is great for my commute home. It’s not actually socializing though.

  5. My dad and his wife (she’s the 4th so I don’t refer to her as stepmom) came to visit a couple years ago and we all went to see an awful movie. I hadn’t seen a movie in a theater since the last lord of the rings in 2003. I was shocked at what it cost just to get 5 people into a theater.

  6. I am old enough to commiserate with this post, OF! I can’t relate to half the things that pass for fun these days that kids do. And I am only in my mid-40s! I already dread how out of touch I may feel in my 60s!

    Maybe that’s why memory loss is sometimes considered a blessing at old age. 🙂

  7. I remember “sneaking” in food to movie theatres with my brother. We’d always wear coats to the theatre – even in the middle of summer.

  8. Our kids will refer to this rant as justification for setting us out on the ice floe. (Or having someone else do it via taskrabbit so as not to inconvenience them.)

    Might not be so bad. I’ll bring the ice scraper and colored flavors if you remember the white paper cones.

  9. Thanks for the laughs, OthalaFehu! Love the photo you used to headline the article, too.

    I was never much for the movies myself, as they always seemed overpriced for what you were getting in comparison to renting or loaning a movie from the local library. Bathroom breaks without missing the movie, the quiet of home, no screaming kids, rude patrons, sticky seats. Always seemed like a win to watch at home. The advent of Netflix and Redbox only made the advantage that much more lopsided.

    No local malls in my neck of the woods, but us young guns used to socialize with hayrides, bonfires, and the like. Much less of that going on now, from what I can tell.

  10. My grandfather used to say, “The good old days were not so good. We just chose the good parts to remember.”

    He grew up in a house made of dirt with no running water, telephone, or even a flush toilet. By the time he died, he had a insulated home, a color tv, a car, and even a telephone.

    To him, the difference in comfort was incredible.

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