Another Guest Post – This Time About Law School

I have started to branch out a little more through the use of guest posts.

At first, I was guarded about my original material and hoarded it up for exclusive use on this blog.

Eventually, I realized what everyone else was already saying. Getting your posts out to different, larger groups of readers is how you really start to grow an audience. My first guest post was with Retirement Manifesto, you can read about it here.

So I just put out my second official Guest Post called ‘Law School For The Rest Of Us‘. This time at the The White Coat Investor.

Guest Posting is a little like having a baby and then giving it up to some adoptive parents because you know your child will have a better life with them than they could have had at home with you.

It was actually another post at The White Coat Investor written by The BigLaw Investor called ‘Path to a Million Bucks by Partnership‘ that inspired me to write this post.

I kept reading articles about high end lawyer salaries and realized that these make for juicy, envious reads, but were not necessarily in line with most lawyers’ experiences in the work force.


“I wanted to explore the larger, more mundane path to law school and its more probable outcomes.”

In outlining the main points;

*Jobs after law school are based largely on who you know. How does the caliber of your school really affect this?

*Law jobs and law school reputations are LOCAL in nature.

*Success in the law is way more about what kind of lawyer you are then where you went to school.

Without further adieu, CHECK OUT my latest Guest Post; ‘Law School For The Rest Of Us

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