Heathen Thoughts

This is the Pagan Corner of my Blog.

I did always at some point plan on tackling the notion of delicately explaining my heathen religious views on this blog. I am hesitant to do this because, politics, religion, and morality don’t really have a place on a personal finance blog.

However, if I put myself out there as the Pagan PF guy then at least some cursory explanation is warranted. Mostly because of the deep misunderstanding of just what that word, PAGAN or HEATHEN actually means.

So feel free to wade into these chapters as I share my own personal journey.

Part 2

  • Chapter 19; Defending the Kooky Crystal Wiccan
  • Chapter 20; My Altar – Creation and Pics
  • Chapter 21; Choosing a Patron or Chief God/Goddess
  • Chapter 22; Does Belief Manifest Power?
  • Chapter 23; Commonality Amongst Shamanistic Religions
  • Chapter 24; Does Marvel Help or Hurt?
  • Chapter 25; Interacting with Christians vs Christianity
  • Chapter 26; The Gods, LSD, and the Doors of Perception
  • Chapter 27; The Green Man
  • Chapter 28; Runes, Just a Writing System or Something More?

Personal religion views are a weird thing to share, but I am OK with questions or debate. I might even PM you, let me know in the comments. Maybe between us we will even come up with a new Jungian Archetype?