Imbolc Blogoversary – Winter 2018

This Blog Officially LAUNCHED February of 2017, making this Imbolc my 12 month Blogoversary!

I was really glad late last year when I realized I had about 10 posts or so in the hopper. This meant I was assured to last past my 1 year anniversary. The one year mark  tends to separates the wheat from the chaff.

I was also really glad to pass the 50k mark of views in my first year. Albeit rather arbitrary, this was the milestone I hoped for when I was assessing whether or not I really wanted to stick this whole blog thing out.

It is also time once again to highlight the progress of my blog.

I did my first PodCast interview with Jace and Clark over at MillionairesUnveiled. It has not been released yet.

As as today, I have $118,000 less debt on the books than I did nine months ago. Not too shabby.

I started up an Account at RealtyShares. Will test it out in 2018 to see what I think of it as an investment vehicle.

I increased my silver stash over the 500 ounce mark with a $50 dollar face value bag of silver dimes, (pre-1965 90% silver) (35.75 ounces).

Increased my 457(b) Deferred Compensation to $500/paycheck.

Pleased to Share my Alexa Ranking;

Global 337,010 and U.S. 67,677

Now for the Numbers at the ONE YEAR MARK,

  • 56,702 page views since launching Feb 1, 2017 (+ 16,681 from the Fall Update)
  • 96 total published posts (average 8/month) Up from 79 last season
  • 554 total comments (I need 102 views to average 1 comment) Up from 430 last season
  • I have collected 1,359 followers on Twitter (+367 since last update season)
  • 658 on Pinterest (+226)
  • 766 on Facebook (+91) I finally made a FB Page for OthalaFehu, please GO THERE and Like/follow. Thanks!
  • 507 on Instagram. (Up +56 since last season)
  • 92 followers by email/Wordpress (+11)

Tracing the path back to the following sources;

This is using WordPress, Google gives me way different stats.

  • Reddit 1,892
  • Facebook 1,770
  • Twitter  @othala_fehu 1,545
  • RockStar Finance 1,433
  • Directory at RockStar Finance 1,252
  • Forum at Rockstar Finance 905
  • Search Engines 802
  • Retirement Manifesto 563
  • PhysicianOnFire 389
  • 127

Popularity of my posts ranked;

Imbolc is a Gaelic tradition marking the beginning of spring. Most commonly it is held on 1 February, or about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Originally a festival for the Goddess Brigid, Brigid’s crosses were made and a doll-like figure of Brigid, called a Brídeóg, would be paraded from house-to-house. Brigid was also invoked to protect homes and livestock. It is one of the four Gaelic seasonal festivals, along with Beltain, Lughnasadh, and Samhain.

18 thoughts on “Imbolc Blogoversary – Winter 2018

    • I think most of us find social media to be the main driver of our traffic. It is interesting that the predominate one changes which each individual blogger.

  1. Congratulations! Since I started blogging, I can now appreciate how hard each of those numbers are.
    Having said that, you deserve every single one of them. And probably more. I love reading your posts.

  2. Congrats on reaching the one year mark. Impressive stats too. Still processing that chicks don’t dig dudes who rock sandals and socks. I’ve got a lot of thinking to do.

    Just found out I have a 457 plan available to me and will be looking into getting that going next week.

    Give Lil’ Sebastian a carrot for me. That made me laugh.

    • 457’s are great because when you leave the job you can withdraw without penalty and the money you stuff into them pretax does not count towards the 18500 limit for your 401(k)

  3. Awesome stats and awesome job on the debt reduction! I love Reddit, but I haven’t tried using it to market my blog. Maybe I should give it a whirl! Probably have to make a new account for that though 🤔

  4. Congrats and happy blogiversary!! I find Reddit to be a rabbit hole of a time suck vortex haha. Sometimes the comment threads get nested so deep and then people start bashing each other. I have some friends who love Reddit though and read it every day.

  5. Congrats on the first year and here’s to many more years to come! It looks like the numbers are all heading in the right direction especially all the social media stuff!

  6. As a total newbie, I really appreciate your sharing your numbers. The stats are inspiring and impressive–congratulations! Also, I can’t yet imagine the feeling of having ten posts in reserve…the blogger equivalent of having a nice fat emergency fund.

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