New School Lazy Net Worth

For 31 consecutive months I have dutifully compiled a Monthly Net Worth for your viewing pleasure.

Through rain and shine, but alas I have skipped out on the August 2019 update.

Oh, I still ran the numbers, but the outcome was so utterly anti-climactic that I did not bother to put the numbers into my beloved excel graphs.

Here goes the raw data;

  • Total Assets; $2,317,675 down – $ 4,255 for the month

  • Total Liabilities; $ 388,685 down – $ 1,071 for the month

  • Total Net Worth; $ 1,929,990 down – $ 3,184 for August 

I still go through the ups and downs of my net worth for my own edification, but I must admit that I have lost some drive to stay on top of this blog.

My best hope lies in that FinCon lies right around the corner and will likely spur me back into action.

Let’s Hope.

In the end, I blame 3 distinct things for my lack of will power.

  1. Horrible days in the market make me not want to count my money. Petty, surely, but a reality none the less.
  2. My family, including wife, are all currently playing Clash of Clans together.  Lame, surely, but gaming with your spouse and children does not happen everyday and I for one plan to milk this cow for all it’s worth.
  3. The secret and probably fatal cause. I am a serial obsessor. I delve very deep into some side interest and 6 months later come back to the surface and move on to the next shiny object. This blog has lasted for over 2 years so I am hoping to push through this energy quagmire, but I wanted to give fair warning. We might be in trouble.





3 thoughts on “New School Lazy Net Worth

  1. It is so easy to check on portfolio/assets when times are good for me too. When there are market falls I tend to check less often (I actually think that’s a good thing btw).

    I hear you about the blog as well. Sometimes I cant wait to write content and do it in spurts. Other times I need to take a break.

  2. Stick with it Boss! You have a TON to offer. Give FinCon a go and soak up all the goodness. I hope to get there next year myself.

    BTW – You’re still beating me in NW despite the market, and probably 95% of the rest of the US household population — Take heart!!

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