Tips for the Road #12 – Lock Picking/Busting

This is the Twelfth  installment of my ongoing series of Random Survival Information.

Here we are sharing tips involving Lock Picking/Busting;

Now I could have made a whole post about how to go about picking locks or breaking through them. I could have had all you good people think I am a lock picking genius.

Alas, that is not the case today.

I came across a Facebook post that was very good and very informative. I decided it best to just direct your attention to it. They really did a good job breaking down how to approach various kinds of locks.

Check it out here;

I do think that this video covers the more brutal ‘break the lock‘ aspect more than the artful ‘pick the lock‘, but again -Why reinvent the wheel?

Check out this on WikiHow 

One method I can think of on my own which did not seem to be covered above is the freezing of a lock. A can of compressed air is really  a cooling gas known as difluoroethane. Spraying this into the metal keyhole for 20-30 seconds should make the metal brittle enough to then bash with a hammer.

P.S. Good old fashion Bolt Cutters also work great.

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