Love The Town You’re With

There are different ways to be rich.

A few are beyond your mere will power, but some are well within the reach of your mindset.

I grew up in Western Pennsylvania. Hills and Trees, they feel very natural to me and I miss them. You could search the whole county I live in nowadays and not find as good a sledding hill as my next door neighbor had in his backyard in Pennsylvania.

Through circumstances of Fate and happenstance, I now live in Western Michigan. Ask my 20 year old self if he EVER thought that was in the cards.

My wife grew up here and I followed her home after we were done living the heck out of our twenties in the Big Lovely City of Chicago.

A decade later and I have fully embraced my new home. Lake Michigan, who knew, not this guy.

We spent all summer at various bodies of water.

Whether that is the ‘Big Lake’ or a myriad of smaller inland lakes. We hike the dunes, swim, and generally have as our backyard the same stretch of beach that people from other parts of the country go to ON THEIR VACATIONS.

This is one of those ways you become rich without ever having to make a dime.

You need to embrace the advantages of where you live. Whether that is climate, or location, or proximity to interesting places.

If you are not enjoying where you live then why do you live there?

Exploit your natural resources! Everywhere has something special if you look hard enough.

We have gravitated towards the parts of our habitat that are unique. Most of our family fun is not only free but centered on the same activities that other people would pay to do.

If you don’t feel this is true for you and where you live, you need to reorient yourself. Everybody’s home is special, maybe you just can’t see the forest because of all the trees.

Here’s two more things I noticed about my mind and my home joining forces.

I am a ‘Lake Snob‘ and do not want to go in the ocean anymore. It is salty and has monsters in it that want to eat you.

I am cool with heavy winters. I need to be, it is 4 months of my year. Find a way to enjoy or at least appreciate the predominate aspects of your habitat. Otherwise maybe you should move…..

Also, I still do miss a good sledding hill.

Acclimating to where you live is just surviving. You need to thrive where you live. A little thought, a little energy, a little perspective.

13 thoughts on “Love The Town You’re With

  1. Glad to hear your are acclimated to the cold. 3 years in Boston and it was time for me to move. Snow in May is not cool for a Southerner. Now I am in Northern California. Wine country, waking up to hot air balloons in the distance, fog, sun, oceans, mountains, lake tahoe if you want to drive 3 hours. It is hard to beat.

    I agree. Love the place you live or move.

  2. “I am a ‘Lake Snob’ and do not want to go in the ocean anymore. It is salty and has monsters in it that want to eat you.”
    Have you seen “river monsters” 😉

  3. Lake > Ocean

    I can get used to anywhere that doesn’t have 1. excessive heat 2. crowds. I’ll jump on board the early retirement train if it means I get more elbow room earlier on. Otherwise I can withstand anything. Cockroach dna woo!

  4. Yes yes yes! I am quite bias as I grew up in northern MI (west side of the state). I went to college + some in California and itched to get back as soon as I left. People in CA thought I was crazy to want to be in the Midwest and be subject to winter… little did they know that we have a freshwater ocean, gorgeous sunsets, and adventures in all seasons! Mr. Adventure Rich and I moved back to MI last summer and have been incredibly happy with our move and our life here. Thanks for the post!

  5. I grew up in MI, and still miss those 10,000 lakes! Love the one you’re with. Gotta say, we’ve fallen in love with the mountains of N Georgia, and I’m not missing (too much) those MI winters! We even have a few lakes down here!

  6. Looks gorgeous! We hope to get up that way on one of our trips. We still have 20 states to see and Michigan is one of them. And I agree with you about the ocean. Too many monsters and big, bad waves for me.

  7. “I am a ‘Lake Snob’ and do not want to go in the ocean anymore. It is salty and has monsters in it that want to eat you.”

    …. *looking at the Pacific* ….. thanks. That’s … helpful.

    It’s taken me years to acclimate but I now love where we live in Northern CA. It’s kind of unfortunate that we couldn’t pick a cheaper place to love and live in but it’s where our careers took us and where we started building our family and we’ve embraced it! We’d better, we’ve just taken on a massive mortgage. We’re staying in this house forever 😉

    • But just think you only need 1 season worth of clothing, saves a ton on winter gear.

      I am sure the Pacific is wonderful just try not to look to much like a seal…..

  8. Gotta disagree on the lake swimming. What fun is swimming in water with no possibility of discovering a creature with teeth, spines, or stinging cells? There’s nothing like the adrenaline rush after spotting a dorsal fin.

    • Jaws and Night of the living Dead are the 2 movies I saw way too young and they ruined me well into my adult years.

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