March 2018 Net Worth Snapshot

Here is my March 2018 Net Worth Snapshot.

We had a down month for the first time in a long time. (summer of 2017).

Wish I knew who to credit for this, ““The market is like a boy playing with a yo-yo while walking uphill. Monitor his progress, do not watch his yo-yo.”

I have made several moves to consolidate the spiraling financial empire, i.e. shutting down several accounts that were unnecessary. We no longer carry 2 separate Deferred Compensation 457(b) accounts, just one. I also parred down the number of different savings accounts I hold.

The tax man had a refund for us this year, that has not happened in at least the last four years. I think finally stuffing the pre-tax options to the gills did the trick 🙂

Net Worth equals total Assets minus total Liabilities.

Don’t forget to check out my Net Worth Year over Year.

Total Assets: $2,096,674 down – $ 16,064 from last month.

Accounts receivable, This is a business deal from 2014

Boat & Cars, Depreciating assets, but cars newish in 2015

Real Estate 2nd home/vacation rental

Primary Residence

Retirement accounts; 2 people, 2 jobs each, 4 accounts total

Brokerage accounts; 2 taxable stock accounts

College Funds; Prepaid tuition and 529 accounts or 2 kids

Bonds; ‘I bonds’ bought through Treasury Direct

Cash & Metals; 5 accounts and a security deposit box

Health Savings Acct., Just started in 2015

Total Liabilities; $408,232 down – $ 1,013 from last month.

Mortgage on House; Bought in 2005 Interest 3.75%

Mortgage 2nd Home; Bought in 2012 Interest 3.5%

Student Loan Paid off and GONE forever!

HELOC; Current APR 3.49%

TOTAL NET WORTH $1,688,442

Tracking your own net worth is perhaps the second most important thing you can do to improve your financial picture. Budgeting your expenses to see where the money goes is probably still number one.

Budgeting is like paying attention to ball game while tracking net worth is like paying attention to the baseball season.

Months can goes up or down, you need a longer picture to evaluate your progress. You are either bringing in more money than you’re spending or you are losing money each month. Tracking Net Worth is easy, useful, and addictive.

Don’t Forget; “Comparison is the Thief of Joy”

5 thoughts on “March 2018 Net Worth Snapshot

  1. Congrats on the continued success. BTW, do you have a target net worth before you will FIRE? Or will you do so?

  2. I have a question about your net cash in hand. My husband and I “discuss” this a lot. If I let him, he would keep all we have in CDs. Since I don’t let him, we have settled on $40,000 as our emergency fund. We also have a zero balance HELOC like you do. Can you tell me how you decided on 54,000?

    In our case, both of us work, and we can live and pay our mortgage and still have some spare on any one income.

    • I am always (theoretically at least) in the market to buy a rental property. I always think I need to keep cash on hand for that purpose.

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