Master Catalog

Why not add a master catalog list of every post I have written for this site? All in one place so you can scan for something you might be interested in.

I will not add in all of the ‘monthly net worth/ update type‘ posts. I also do not include any Chapters from the Heathen Part of this blog or the Prepper Part.

Each entry has a date of publication and a general subject tidbit. You may need to use the back button often as I am still an amateur at all this.

Happy Hunting;

Post TitlePost DateCliff Notes
3 Card Monty05/2017Trying to discern between the different classes of rental property.
4th Guest Post, A Prepper's Perspective06/2018Laying the groundwork for why we all should be a little more into 'rational preparedness'
A Good Problem To Have02/2017Inheriting a paid off house, what now?
A Problem Like Maria02/2017In-law Albatrosses and other unwanted fetters
Accredited Investor Status03/2021What it takes and What it means.
All For Naught03/2017What goes in to creating a new post. Includes a cool thing I bet you did not know.
All That Glitters03/2018A peek inside the world of amassing precious metals
All the Crazy Sex at FinCon1909/2019Has to be seen to be believed!
Angel Investing on Autopilot5/2021Investing in projects at the ground floor.
Another Guest Post, This Time About Law School10/2017How to chose a law school and why it doesn't matter
An Interesting Number12/2017How to calculate your Lifetime Wealth Ratio
Appraisal Scare/Hiccup02/2020The Appraisal Process and its Pitfalls.
Are We Compulsively All Collectors?10/2019Another trait all FIRE types have in common?
As We Enter Our Third Year Blogging02/2019A recap as we complete 2 years of the blog.
At The Nut Bar12/2017My time in Great Lakes Navy Boot Camp
Blogger Help And Hints01/2018Tips I have picked up along the way for neophyte bloggers
A Brand New Bouncing Baby Building03/2020My first true rental unit is acquired!
Building A Better You - A Prepper's Perspective10/2020Why Prepping benefits everybody.
Building An Empire10/2019Ongoing data of yearly net worth side-by-side
Budget Bungles Money Muddles And Fiscal Flubs10/2017The title says it better than I can
By Long And Winding Path02/20174 part background story about me and mine
Capitalist Pig that I Am12/2019Fantasy exercise is space age capitalism
Cars I Have Loved03/2017MY vehicular history along with color commentary
Cool As A Cucumber10/2017What to do in a natural disaster type situation
Corona Cojones and the Stock Market03/2020Who put what cheese on the line during covid?
Crying Over Spilt Money10/2017Some of my biggest money go bye-bye scenarios
Cryptocurrency Sucker05/2021Falling in love with Crypto, hard and fast.
Current Paychecks03/2018Open and Notorious Current paystubs
Digging Down on Our College Funds10/2018The current state of our kid's college funding.
Disturbing FIRE Trends02/2019Problems creeping into our little world.
Dividend Greedy 2018 Money Moves01/2019Year end dividend totals and stock moves for 2018.
Dividends Over 10 Years08/2019Graph of a Decade worth of dividends.
Do As I Say Not As I Do03/2018Philosophical post about child labor/environmental differences between the 1st and 3rd worlds.
Da Budget04/2017Comprehensive view of our monthly money in/money out
Demolition Complete08/2020Progress in the rental renovation
Destination Wedding, Antigua, Guatemala11/2018Our lovely time in a lovely place.
Digging Down on our TSP08/2018Exploring the Thrift Savings Plan
Don't Worry Little Donkey07/2017How to tackle the money boogeyman in your life
Early Jobs; Restaurant Subculture02/2019Breaking down the restaurant workplace subculture.
Early Jobs 2; The Customer Always Sucks03/2019Maybe you don't get a hotdog mother f$&%er!
Early Jobs 3; Who's Using Who?04/2019I used them and they used me.
Early Jobs 4; Jobs You Love06/2019Oh How I wish they would have paid me more.
Early Jobs 5; All The Rest07/2019So many jobs involving pizza!
Fair Winds and Following Seas09/2018Reminiscing about my time in the U.S. Navy
Flying For Free To Fincon04/2018How I complained my way to a free trip. The Art of Complaining.
Forever Foods - Mostly02/2021List of Food that Last - for Preppers
Fortune Favors The Bold09/2017Sacking up and pulling the trigger, or not
First Jobs02/2017The very first two times I knew I was an entrepreneur
FrankenApartment07/2020The odd layout of my first rental unit.
Fine You Freaks, Here You Go- Access to My Heathen Thoughts9/2020Access to Heathen Portal, if you dare.
Frugal Not Cheap Or So I Keep Telling Myself09/2017Looking for the light between these two kids slow dancing at the budget prom
Fund Rates01/2018For you masochists, the fund rates I currently pay
Gold vs. Goods In A Collapse05/2018Which is favored and under what circumstances
Growth of Retirement Savings07/2017Historical growth rates for all of my various retirement vehicles.
Guest Post, What's You Got In That Bag08/2018Different types of 'go bags' and their gizzards
Henchmen Worldwide Inc.01/2019Other people's loyal armies of henchmen.
Herr Inspektor03/2020Home Inspections are a Must, see why.
I AM a Selfish Prepper03/2020Preppers and the Covid Scare.
I Bet You Need A Will03/2019How to set up a will, easy - peasy.
I Do not Deserve to Own a Boat01/2019The agony and the ecstasy of boat ownership.
I Don't Deserve A Boat Part 201/2019Really, I do not deserve to own a boat.
I Don't Wear A Watch Anymore04/2017My changing relationship with technology
I May Have A Problem With Food05/2017My relationship status with dining out; it's complicated
I'm Out There Jerry04/2018And I'm loving it. First podcast interview
I Used To Be The Google11/2017Sad old man relenting the loss of his place in the world
Is It Wrong To Suggest That Chickenpox Builds Character?07/2019Ramblings of a sad old man.
It Gets Easier (FIRE)01/2020Letting momentum take over your FIRE progress.
It's Not You, It's Me; A Tenant Leaves06/2020A tenant leaved unexpectedly.
Let Fly The Dice06/2018Casting off doubt and moving forward with plans, if your spouse will let you
List Happy09/2017The beauty of keeping lists, my oldest friend
Love The Town You're With06/2017Coming to terms with the green grass around you
Maria-in-law on Firmer Ground?04/2020Mt sister-n-law becomes my star tenant.
More Tales from the Crimeside03/2019Assorted tales ensue at the Public Defender's office.
My Army Of Loyal Henchmen06/2017Tireless crew of shady helpers who worship the very ground I walk on
Monthly Budget With Sankey12/2017Sankey Diagrams are neat, enough said
More of the Good Old Days10/2018Old man on the porch, yelling at kids.
My First Guest Post, 3 Enemies Of Fire08/2017Your Dreams have consequences, we can't all FIRE
(Blogging) Mistakes I Have Made04/2017There's been a few, dare I say some humdingers
Money Stories - One for One05/2019One for bragging, one for laughing/crying.
Mos Maiorum08/2017My Life's Philosophy. The Latin for Troth
My Credit Card Game Is Tight05/2019Shaking down the Man for all he is worth.
My Money Map09/2017Map it Out and it will show you hidden things
My Personal FIRE Story12/2018My Personal FIRE Story.
My Prepping 101 Guest Post05/2018From the top, everything you need to know, prepping for non majors
My Windfall And Me04/2017What to do with a $132,000 windfall
My Wish List03/2017What I would do if I had the money and permission
My Swan FIRE Prowess Numbers08/2017Just click on in to find out what it means
A Natural Crypto Evolution05/2021Tweaking, nay, perfecting my crypto strategies.
Nobody Wants Your Wedding China02/2018Gen X bitching about Boomers and their 'stuff'
Of All The Gin Joints....04/2018Ranting about the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program
Obligatory Start A Blog Page03/2017Often imitated, never duplicated
One List to Rule Them All12/2018How to one up the insurance industry concerning your stuff.
Pace Yourself - Gag Damit05/2020Controlling the Impulse to Expand Too Quickly
Paths We Choose05/2017The different paths available to a lawyer
Paycheck History09/2017Open books for 10+ years of paycheck history, ups and downs
Paris, France08/2018A visit to Gay Paree
Passive Income02/2017In all of its forms, in all of its glory
At Peace with My Boat07/2020Finally a successful boating season!
Peering Through The Legal Prism03/2018What law school is all about from top to bottom
Precious Metals02/2017A passion for gold that only a dragon would understand
Prepping Tasks Around the House06/2017Practical moves you can make around the house.
Puerto Rico My Biggest Travel Failure06/2018I went to San Juan, but did I really go to San Juan?
Proud Investor in an Indoor Salmon Farm?03/2021Investing in my first Startup.
Real Estate Investing02/2017Laying out the plan for acquiring rental properties
Retirement Master Plan06/2017THE master plan to the promise land
Retirement Savings Per Check09/2017How much gets squirreled away from each check
Redneck Riviera Spring Break05/2018My time with the family in the Florida Panhandle
Rental Renovation09/2020A complete update on my rental renovation, finally done.
Roman Virtues05/2019The Public and Private virtues of Roman Life. Because, why not?
Running the Numbers on a Property12/2019How I figure out if I want to buy a rental Property
Salary Add-Ons01/2018All the various goodies that attach to our base salaries
A Slice of Every Pie11/2019All the various types of assets in my little empire.
Slouching Towards Bethlehem12/2018Everybody should know one poem by heart.
Soldier In A Righteous Army05/2018My time with the Cook County Public Defender's Office
Student Loan HellMouth02/2017The quagmire of being $220,000 in debt
So We Built A House03/2017Step by Step of buying/building a house from scratch
Tales From The Crimeside08/2018Lawyer stories from my days as a PD
The Art Of Market Timing05/2017Lessons learned from the fuckery of the stock market
The Business Deal02/2017The first time I tried to use leverage to make profit, it kinda worked
The Big Easy04/2018New Orleans before Katrina
To Blog Or Not To Blog11/2017Honest answers of why I got into this whole thing in the first place
The Cottage02/2017Crown jewel of the empire
The Cottage Renovation03/2017The cottage wasn't always 'nice'
The Little Red Train to Tijuana02/2018Misadventures in Mexico.
The Makings of a Real Movement11/2018Why this FIRE thing really has legs, a movement's criteria.
Thulsa Doom On Personal Transformation11/2017Like a diary entry of an angsty teen
TEOTWAWKI07/2017The End Of The World As We Know It
The Floundering Business Deal06/2018Choppy waters ahead for my fledgling business deal
The Finish Line01/2018Final numbers I would need to see to call it quits
The Good Old Days01/2018Old man on his front porch bitching about kids these days
The Kingdom In My Head06/2017Dreaming about how to set up generational wealth
Travel Log02/2018Trips I have taken and their high/low lights
The Right Pig? Buying A Small Business07/2018Trying to seize the next piece of the FIRE puzzle
The Runes of the Elder FUTHARK10/2019Delving into the 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark
The Simple Plan To Financial Security07/2018A general, but thorough overview of HOW TO FIRE
The Terrorist, The Girlfriend, My Sister & The Homeless Man06/2018My sites one and only guest post, you will see why
Things to Do in Denver If I Die10/2018Master list of all the things my wife needs to know if I die.
The Time Machine12/2018Thought experiment number 3. The life Mulligan.
The Tortoise and The Hare11/2019Slow and Steady Government worker vs. Ladder Jumping Hare.
Uncle Rico's Rather Dire View of the World in 204010/2019Thought experiment on the future of our economies.
Unplug And Unwind05/2017Let go of the device and listen to the sweet sounds of nothingness
VRBO And Beyond07/2018Using the VRBO platform to make money on a property.
Viva The Revolution06/2017Igniting the FIRE fire, to the ramparts!
Waiting for Happiness08/2019A thought experiment on Happiness.
We Live Like Kings03/2017One of the few posts I got from somewhere else, because I thought it was that good.
Weddings Are For Suckers02/2017Why you should not waste money on nuptials and what to do instead
What Do Kids Know Anyway?02/2018How kids grasp money concepts.
What I Shoulda Done Before the Plague04/2020Covid-19 Regrets of a Prepper.
What Makes a Good Jurist09/2018The qualities necessary for various players in the courtroom.
What's In The Bag07/2018A detailed list of what goes in a Bug Out Bag
When Do You Call The Guy01/2018Trying to decide what is doable and what is beyond you.
Where Does Discipline Come From03/2017The origins of self discipline and how to gain it.
White Hat Black Hat08/2018Differences and Similarities between Prosecutors and Public Defenders.
Whistling In The Dark04/2018How to be brave in the face of financial Challenges (This is almost a shit post)
Why Do You Have A Panic Room04/2017Fair Question, I will attempt to answer it.
Why I Stopped Going to FinCon02/2020The Reasons behind the Decision.
Why The Law08/2017How I ended up a lawyer and how I convince myself that was not a mistake.
Why We Fight11/2017Collection of quotes and soundbites to rally the FIRE faithful.
With Ten Years Left to Live11/2018What to do If you know you will die in 10 years.
You Are Wrong About College03/2017A defense of higher learning from a non financial point of view.
Year Over Year Net Worth10/2017Tracking the rise of my Net Worth over 10+ years, with visual aids.
Yes, Disney is a Magical Place03/2018The family's adventures at Disney World.
Zoning Red Tape01/2020Navigating the treacherous waters of the Zoning Board.

Somewhere along the journey you realize just how much you have written. At last count, I have produced over 143,900 words. Wow.

I also seem to suck at alphabetizing a catalog.

Let's get things nice and sparkling clear