Spring Update (3 Months In) Beltane

One lesson I have learned from my first three months of blogging, It takes copious amounts of fine tuning to make sure that every part of your blog is up to date.

Then it hit me, why not just do a separate Periodic Update to touch upon the many aspects that have changed since they first appeared. Ureka!

I also get to use random photos that I like, but just do not mesh with any existing post to date.

  1. Portfolio: Yum brands spin off, Yum China does not really fit into my ‘dividend portfolio’. I have no doubt it will eventually pay out, but I decided to liquidate that holding and take up a position in Juniper Networks, JNPR. I now hold 71 shares of Juniper.(Portfolio)
  2. I purchased 3 ounces of Platinum (Philharmonics) because right now Platinum is trading below Gold, this is not the usual historical case and seemed like a good time to build up.(Precious Metals)
  3. Added our First and Only affiliate link, SiteGround hosting. Because so far they rock.

  4. After a recent brush with type II Diabetes, I may have found a motivation to cut down on my giant restaurant spending problem (I May Have a Problem with Food)
  5. Spent some more money on Big Ticket Items; Ductless A/C at the cottage ($2,500) and got final numbers on 2 more items crossed of (The Wish List).  Granite Counter tops ($3,960) and fireplace remodel ($2,900). These were expensive but we used money from the sale of an inherited house. (My Windfall and Me).
  6. I updated our annual (Retirement Savings per Check and Fund Rates) to be current.
  7. The family Budget is now reflects paying off ALL of our Student Loans! (Our Budget).
  8. We opened up (The Cottage) for the summer season, we did well with rentals this year so far.
  9. I have been at my very own domain for about a month now and here are my numbers;
  • 8,009 page views since launching Feb 1,2017
  • 51 published posts (average 12+/month)
  • 151 comments (I need 53 views to average 1 comment left)
  • I have collected 455 followers on Twitter
  • 211 on Pinterest

I have always appreciated when youngish bloggers posted an update on their growth/traffic. It gave me a realistic metric to weigh my own progress against and decide where I should focus.

Here is where the majority of my views have originated from;

  • Directory at RockStar Finance 419
  • Twitter  @othala_fehu 338
  • Forum at Rockstar Finance 304
  • Reddit 216
  • Facebook 190
  • PhysicianOnFire 154
  • DividendGrowthCenter 79
  • Forum MMM 79
  • Earlyretirementdude 78
  • WordPress Reader&Dashboard 72
  • Search Engines 62
  • Pinterest othalafehu.com 58
  • Dividenddriven 47

And Here are the pages they have gravitated to most; I used to let my visitors scroll through full posts on the homepage, but I think now this is a mistake because you can not discern which ones they are really reading.

  1. Portfolio
  2. Net Worth
  3. About
  4. The Cottage
  5. Background Story Part 1
  6. Background Story Part 2, interesting note here, I lost 40% of readers from Part 1 to Part 4. Perfect way to measure interest and retention.
  7. Why Do You Have a Panic Room?
  8. Our Budget
  9. I Don’t Wear a Watch Anymore
  10. My Windfall and Me

As a side note, I wrote this post on Beltane(May 1). Beltane is the Celtic Spring festival held  halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. It is a celebration of the rebirth of the land after the long winter and deals heavily with fertility.

Happy Beltane!

There is a more recent Summer 2017 Update as well.

7 thoughts on “Spring Update (3 Months In) Beltane

  1. Thanks for the update, and enjoy the updated cottage! The numbers will only go up from here.


  2. I like the update! Love the lake view from the cottage.

    My blogs a few weeks younger than your so I appreciate you sharing your numbers.

    Keep that eating in check 🙂

  3. Nice progress. I landed on your page via Reddit, and like to read updates, especially since I can relate to the early stages of blogging/webhosting.

    I think that amount of Twitter followers is impressive! How did you get to that amount? How much is organic?


    • It is all organic, I don’t know enough to use a service. I just found people that I know I shared interests with and then followed large swathes of the same people they followed, many will follow you back eventually after they check out your stuff.

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