Monthly Budget with SanKey

There is a new Budget Graphing tool that is very popular on Reddit’s Financial Independence thread right now. It is from SankeyMATIC.

I was very drawn to the way it looked so I decided to check it out for myself.

After tinkering around with the basic model for a few minutes, I was able to clearly figure out to adapt the format to my own needs.

This format can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be.

Here is a look at my MONTHLY BUDGET using SanKey’s Beta;

This Monthly Budget looks a little different from my Page titled ‘Da Budget‘ because it is based off of a 26 paychecks year.

My original Budget is based on a TWICE MONTHLY pay schedule. I do that on purpose to gain 2 extra ‘bonus’ checks per year. But really most of us bi weekly check grinders should factor in 26 paychecks per year.

So it you also like the like of this new tool, give it a try at SanKeyMATIC. It is free, but I donated some money via PayPal to encourage this kind of behavior.

If you are reading this and decide to do one of these yourself, feel free to link it below in the comments so others can check it out. Thanks!

Here are some other Sankey Diagrams to check out, JumpStartFromScratch, GetRichSlowly, ATypicalLife99to1PercentTheFrugalGeneTimeintheMarket, and OpenMouthsGetFed.



11 thoughts on “Monthly Budget with SanKey

  1. Love the graphic. Very easy to visualize everything.
    Do you really spend 12 grand per year on property taxes?

    • Unfortunately I can only claim residence in one place. Both of the properties are in heavy tourist areas. SO both areas hammer out of towners who own property and don’t live there. Something like millage rate of 58.

      • The percentage of your income spent on property tax is pretty crazy.

        Myrtle Beach does a similar thing. I am not a resident, can’t join the rec center, can’t get parking permits, and pay full taxes. Residents near me can join the rec center, park for free, and get a 70% discount on their property tax. I own a $100k townhouse, and pay similar taxes to their $300k houses.

  2. My husband woke me up at midnight once to ask me what this freakin’ graph was. I said it was a tree root thingy – when he finally found out what it was he did a dance and said he would make one for us at the end of the year.

    Now everyone’s doing it so he doesn’t want to do it anymore. UGH!!! 😉 I’m gonna show him this one haha. Chain gang?

  3. Im using that as well for visualization, I used it mainly for my yearly budget, but I actually will consider to use it monthly as well, its indeed quite nice!

  4. I really like this Sankey Diagram. Its one of my favorite visualization to show the flow of data. Monthly budget shown using Sankey is very easy to understand.

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