My First Guest Post: 3 Enemies of FIRE

Tuesday, 08/08/17 was a first for my little blog. I submitted a guest post for the first time. Fritz, from RetirementManifesto has been helpful and active in this scene since way before my time.

When we are neophyte bloggers, we all hear tell about how helpful this community niche is. And that if we stick around and prove relevant, we will grow. This is exactly the way it has played out for me so far.

I did start out with a handful of classic Newbie Mistakes. Since then, I have tried to patiently and consistently build my blog. Steadily grow my audience. And lastly, improve my personal knowledge about all things finance.

My post ‘3 Enemies of FIRE‘ can be summed up as follows;

If FIRE were to scale up as we all hope it might, have we thought about the negative consequences of such a widespread quest for Financial Independence and Early Retirement?

(#1)I think it might lead to a crash in the sheer volume and vast array of services and products available that one would consider far from money well spent.

(#2) The infrastructure of our economy and culture are built upon institutions manned (and womanned) by experienced folks who had made a career out of dedicating their time and effort to becoming experts in their fields. What if they had all retired after seven years on the job?

(#3) Does my wanting to retire early rightfully outweigh the precious advantage in resources and assets I could pass on to my children if I stuck it out a little longer?

Check out The Post Itself to see what I am talking about.


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