Chapter 6; Gifts Still Left To Pledge

This is a companion piece to follow the post ‘How To Serve‘.

I wrote that one to cover the things I have already done to honor the gods.

This post is about the four big things left I feel I could still offer in this lifetime. One is more far fetched than the other three.

First up is to commune with others. I have shared my beliefs with my children and brought them up to know the gods. I consider this to be a bigger deal than anything I have done or said to work on my own self and my relationship with the gods.

But I have always shied away from contact with others of my ilk.

That is not entirely true. As a young person I was with others, whom I considered brothers, but the religion to me was a background noise. It was a commonalty, but not a driving force. Back then, the politics took center stage.

In retrospect I would have loved to gone down the rabbit hole with our religious beliefs to see how far that could have gone. Some real Strength Through Joy Wunjo moments there!

Alas as part of my break with that past, I moved on to law school and the sobriety of being a grown up. The distance I created there was both for my own safety and my future.

I think I have always hesitated to gravitate towards anyone who practices paganism because for me, the politics and religion go hand in hand.

It is hard to separate the two. While I long for the religious camaraderie, I do not miss the political one.

I feel myself almost ready to try and find some fellow heathens to be with. I even fantasize that I have a lot to offer others in the style of a Vitki

Offering Number 2 would be a pagan pilgrimage of sorts. I have always ached to go to the countries in Europe that I am from. Namely Germany and Sweden. I want to go to Uppsala. I want to go the  Asatru Temple being opened in Iceland. To just stand on the ground of these places and breathe the air.

This is listed as number 2 because it will happen. We are simply waiting for my kids to be old enough to appreciate overseas travel.

Offering Number 3 would be to start my own Hoff. I have the financial means to achieve this. At this point I have even sniffed around a suitable property, but my wife would not be on board.

I am waiting to see what happens first, either she caves or I want it too much.

Number 4 is if the world changed enough to present an opportunity for violence in my now otherwise tame life. I would dedicate the blood to Odin. This is a dream of mine, the mind is willing, but as each year passes, the flesh becomes weaker. I doubt the countless lives I offer up in Odin’s name with my Clash of Clans game count.

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