Chapter 2; Practice By Feel

The tragedy of our religious practice is that the doctrines, dogma, and rituals have been lost to time.

Perhaps that is too innocuous. The powers that be at the time systematically dismantled our religion in a concerted effort to root it out of the people and the culture.

Alas we can not benefit from lamenting the loss of religion. We can only move forward and try to practice in a way that honors both the gods and our ancestors.

There are many of the tools and traits that will allow us to practice consistently with our ancestor’s beliefs and values. We share the same blood. The culture still has passed down the stories. We have uncovered some of the artifacts and practices through means such as archaeology. Snatches of the written word have been preserved and surfaced over the years.

The modern society and cultures of the countries of northern Europe certainly have been molded by the traditions of Judeo-Christianity. There is however always a noticeable and lingering tint of heathen Europe under the skin that apparently could not be completely stamped out.

With this totality of the circumstances, I feel like it is possible and permissible to reconstruct the religion.

Hence the saying ‘Practice by Feel‘.

I wish there were some authority we could turn to when we hit a wall about what to do. But there is no continuing priesthood in place. There is nowhere to ask your question, except to ask each other, to ask yourself, or to ask the gods themselves.

Does the belief that we are able to correctly practice a religion we are in the dark about spring from arrogance? Maybe, but I would argue it springs firstly from necessity. It has always been a pagan morality that tells us to rely upon ourselves and not others, not even the gods, to save us. We must do for ourselves.

Delving through history and trying to discern what is accurate and what is perhaps twisted or tweaked to reflect the Christianity of the times is difficult.

Your relationship with the gods is personal.

Everyone’s path may be different. Go ahead and try things out. Rely on your instincts. ELHAZ. You are the one you have been waiting for.

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