PayCheck History

Part of figuring out where you are going is to review where you have already been. There are probably things that I obsessively track that serve no functional purpose, but the history of your paycheck / salaries is a worthy category.

Wife was only working part time 2007-2012

Lazy wife still only part time 

Finally, wife thinking about going back to work full time 

Wife at full time. Wife full paycheck. I think I love my wife  * photo

Remember, the single biggest economic decision you will ever make is who to marry. Throwing your lot in with another person is as determinate of your financial future as the job you have or the budget you live on. Conversely, divorce is the single easiest way to become poor. BTW, don’t have a wedding.

Here is a link to our Current Paychecks.

Choice wisely my friends!

*photo; Athena Minerva Greek Goddess With Nike Art Picture Green Cat

5 thoughts on “PayCheck History

  1. Nice! I have a spreadsheet I’ve kept with the same info. It’s really helpful for monitoring how much your take home pay actually changes with varying 401(k) contributions and tax brackets over time

    • I kept numbers like this long before I ever thought I would have a blog. I don’t know why more people don’t track their vital numbers.

  2. That’s really cool. I dug up my base salary since my internship in 2009 but I’m still missing 2 years. It’s fun to see the changes over time but I wish I had an paystub to have all the details.

  3. This is precisely why me and my common-law spouse are 1) never getting married, and 2) we keep all our finances seperate. This is mostly for my benefit, because I am the saver, he is the spender.

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