Early Jobs 5 – All the Rest

I have worked at every single pizza place. Five different chains or stand alone stores to be exact. After all those pizza jobs, I can make a pizza in my sleep.

Pizza delivery jobs are good because every time you come back to the store a good chunk of time has gone by on the clock. And you get to take home cash money. The big drawback for me was that it was  far too convenient to smoke a cigarette on the way out and another on the way back. That is a pack every 10 deliveries, that is horrible.

The main theme I noticed is that I always managed to work at a place that also fed me. Mistake pizza? Um-yum-yum-yum-yum.

When calculating my actual hourly wage, you had to take into account what I was eating. Put it this way, I was making a decent wage, easily twice what my paychecks said.

Big City pizza delivery is never boring. A real mix of characters. I have had to wrestle some crackheads out of the store before. Easy to spot because they are wearing shorts in winter.

I also remember getting a letter from the FBI that we were advised not to delivery to certain streets during the LA riots in 1992. Didn’t think they cared that much.

P.S. the correct amount of toppings on a pizza is ‘Up to 2’ anything more than that and you are kidding yourself. IMHO.

How is this for Serendipity?  I am working at Bruegger’s Bagels near my undergrad. Waiting on people day in and day out. Five Years afterwards and way after I stopped working there, I move to a different state, in a different time zone. Meet my future wife in law school. Go home with her and meet her BFF from high school. They both moved to the ‘big city’ and were roommates. Turns out I waited on her countless time at the counter of Bruegger’s Bagels a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Small World.

I worked at not one, but two different grocery chains. Stockboy type work. Kinda left to your own devices work, but the pallets never end. It was my first brush with unions. I did a lot of paying in without any real benefit, I didn’t stay long enough.

Later, as a unionized attorney (a rarity) I saw the real power behind a united employee front. Great work if you can get it. I do not know how the powers that be ever convinced working people that unions were somehow not a good idea.

A Proposed Toast – To all those little jobs that got us where we are today! Pour a little out for them as you remember them both fondly and ruefully.

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