I’m Out there Jerry!

I did my first podcast interview.

It’s over at Millionaires Unveiled , just follow the link. (lucky number 24).

Keep in mind I was just getting over a cold, I sound a little nasally.

Between this interview, my personal backstory,and various other little bits and pieces of me available in this blog, a pretty complete picture of me and why I am doing this is coming into focus.

Don’t forget to check out all the other interviews over at Millionaires Unveiled, they are great.

SEO is a bully and requires a certain ‘minimum words’ to be considered a good post, so for your edification/reflection;

Narcissus, was the son of River God Cephisus and nymph Lyriope. He was known for his beauty and he was loved by God Apollo due to his extraordinary physique.

Narcissus was once walking by a lake or river and decided to drink some water; he saw his reflection in the water and was surprised by the beauty he saw; The young man became entranced by the reflection of himself. He could not obtain the object of his desire though, and he died at the banks of the river or lake from his sorrow.

According to the myth Narcissus is still admiring himself in the Underworld, looking at the waters of the Styx.

Because what kind of person actually wants to be on a PODCAST? Who would dare to think they are interesting enough? So many of us bloggers must be closet disciples of our young friend here.




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