Pre Spring ’21 Dividend Update

Here is my Pre Spring ’21 Dividend Update. By that I mean my New Dividend Gains, Stock Actions, and Market Moves for your voyeuristic viewing pleasure.

I’ll break up the monotony of Dividend talk with this little slice of life. Winter weather got you down?

For $600 you can put a hillbilly hot tub on your frozen back porch and  presto! Winter Blues no more.

We pack it away each spring so that it remains only a winter treat. works for us.



  Now Let’s Review last year;


My Dividend tally has hit that Epic Milestone of $1,000/month!

My plan is to not stop until I am replacing $1,500/month of paycheck income with passive income from a Dividend Portfolio.        

I DO NOT buy stocks to have them go up in value and then sell at a profit. That kind of stock market game is not to my taste. It is too hard to try and beat the market, I learned my lessons long ago. One of the great things about this type of Portfolio is that I am not living and dying with the swings of the market. I do not care much about the day to day ups and downs of the DOW because I am interested in the Dividends, not the market value of the individual stock.

Stock Actions;

I admit SLV was a quasi GME related play on all that Redditt hype. But I am always long on precious metals and am fine sitting here until the price of silver goes up enough to count this as a smart move.

 I usually sell off a stock when I am down either more than $400 or 12%. I hoard up these losses to take as a deduction on my taxes. The IRS allows a deduction of up to a $3,000 loss of stock transactions in a given year. What I don’t use, I roll over for future years.

It also turns blood red Bear Markets into nothing other than buying opportunities for New Dividends.

Have faith in the markets, at least for a percentage of your capital.

My 2020 automatic deposits to this account have been bumped up from $250 to $500/month. Plus all dividends accumulated are used to buy additional shares. I also stuff random amounts of cash into buying more shares whenever the opportunity arises because I am more than a little obsessed. Are you a dividend junkie?

Last Year, I plowed a total of $18,737 in new money into this portfolio. So far, for 2021 I am at $ 12,418.09

January – I put in $5,610 cash to my account and accumulated $663.11 in dividends.

February – I put in $5,610 cash plus $ 534.98 worth of dividends back in.

That’s all for my Pre Spring ’21 Dividend Update!

Let's get things nice and sparkling clear