Prepper’s Perspective

I thought I would also peel off my Prepper Posts into a Page of their own.

Now there are 2 different Rabbit Holes to go down on my Personal Finance Page. The other one is Heathen Thoughts.

After being asked to write guest post after guest post on Prepping, I realized that I should expand upon this topic. Prepping does relate to the same principles as FIRE. The two together make sense for a rational, comfortable life.

Posts on Prepping;

  1. Why Do You Have A Panic Room?
  3. Cool As A Cucumber 
  4. Prepping 101
  5. Gold vs Goods in a Collapse
  6. Building a Better You – A Prepper’s Perspective
  7. What’s in the Bug Out Bag?
  8. Guest Post on Prepper Bags
  9. I Am A Selfish Prepper
  10. What I Shoulda Done Before the Plague