Guest Post; What’s you Got in that Bag?

I have been asked several times now to provide a piece on prepping in relation to personal finance blogs. For me, I am always glad to provide the piece. There is no reason these two passions are not linked more often . I find many of the same traits abound in each niche; Frugality, Minimalism, Self-Reliance, and Independence.

So my 5th Guest Post is now part of MikedUpBlog

In this piece, I did a brief overview of;

Go Bag; This is a small/medium bag that you can grab and go with. It has essentials but only the most common ones.  This is for, “it’s probably no big deal, but just in case”.

Bug-Out-Bag; This is your life in a box. A large framed backpack or similar set up. You grab it because you know you have to leave and ‘bug out’.

Travel Kit; A Travel Kit can come in handy even during a mundane ‘car broke down/flat tire’ scenario. There is space in the trunk, why not use some of it.

Also the;

  • Plan B Stash,
  • Scattered throughout the House Stash,
  • and the Hidey-Hole.

Check out the actual guest post HERE. Hey, Come Back After!

Incorporating these concepts into your life is relatively easy. There is some start up cost and some initial legwork.

After that, it’s on cruise control.

Unless you ever need it, but by then it becomes the best money you ever spent.

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