What I Shoulda Done Before the Plague

This is a post about regrets. For all my preps, it turns out I am just the most comfortable passenger still going to go down with the ship.

I am spending large amounts of time rethinking my half-assed prepping.

Things Fall Apart, the center does not hold

The problem with prepping is that when everybody else is trying to do it, it is usually too late. The time to get your house in order is before anything that bad ever happens.

I was ready for a lot of different scenarios, but not a possible ‘This is it, the worlds is going over the cliff’ type deal. Oh, don’t get me wrong I would be able to last much longer than my neighbors, but to truly not worry, you need to fully commit.

So I am sitting here at home like everybody else. My obsession with preps means I have a bigger pile of pasta than you, but I am still stuck on my street. Here are the thoughts that go through my head;

My preps are good enough when things outside are still good enough, my preps are not good enough when things outside get not good.

I bought eggs when I shoulda bought chickens.

We stored potatoes when I shoulda planted a garden.

I bought dried apple slices when I shoulda planted Fruit trees.

I built a PANIC ROOM when I shoulda built a COMPOUND.

We waited to see what was gonna happen instead of implementing my Plan B. And now I am not allowed to travel to my other house far away from the crowds.

When this crisis dies down, I am going to have to take a serious look at my actions and change now what I want to have happen differently next time.

Pulling the bug out trigger is never an easy decision, but lets face it, IT WOULD BE NICE TO HAVE.

Lots of people are rethinking the life they led before all of this. Some things will permanently change. For me, I wonder if I really just want to go back to working a desk job and waiting for retirement. Maybe something closer to the land and more self sufficient does appeal to me enough for the Great Pivot. I don’t know yet.

Check back with me in another month of this isolation and what if’s.

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4 thoughts on “What I Shoulda Done Before the Plague

  1. Wow, the panic room blew my mind. I am not sure whether to say congrats or ask just how neurotic that world has become. Good for you for the prepping that you have done. I am not sure I will become a hardcore prepping convert but I do think I will make adjustments after this insanity dies down.

    Be safe.

  2. This is a great time in our life to see if our prepping really worked. And sad to say I would be in deep shit if this got any worse. But as far a fruit trees, mine do not produce until September so freeze drying is still a great thing and I can’t plant a garden for another 2 weeks so my produce does not show up for another 6+ weeks so unless you have a green house that won’t do you any good for some time. One would truly need a compound with many friends and ways to get water and food if this got much worse. This is a glimpse of how it could be and since so few do any type of planning our communities would be so far gone you would need an army to protect your things.

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