Chapter 14; Runic Chant

If I had a nickel for every time I have chanted the runes themselves I would have a whole bunch of nickels. It is both soothing and reassuring.

I created this Runic Chant as an aide to become comfortable with each of the runes themselves in the first place.

I can tell you about this Runic Chant/Poem in the context of how I indoctrinated my sons to the runes. For that express purpose, I developed the following chant to do as we learned a new rune.

From my trusty chalice I would find the rune for that days lesson. My runes are carved onto small square blocks of wood. First I would make a point to touch every surface of the wood and press the rune to my lips. Then I would show it to my son, sitting across the appropriate candle from me. These are rune candles, there are four runes carved on each one. they were made and dedicated over six years, that is how long it took to complete the set.

While he was familiarizing himself with the look and shape of the rune, I would tell him the name and the meaning. We would have a back and forth talking about how/what/ and why that rune acquired its definition. It often would mean something to our ancestors that does not directly apply anymore, but we would adapt the situation to our more modern lives.

Set the rune down and sit cross legged across from each other. On our bare chest, we use a fingernail to mark the runes on our chests while chanting the following;

I mark this rune upon my skin,

Standing here I do begin

To wander down a path within.

Then mark it again;

Upon the waves, I am the sea

Among the leaves, I am the tree

I take this rune inside of me

Then mark it again;

Upon the rocks, I am the sea

Among the roots, I am the tree

I take this rune inside of me

Then one more time;

Upon the depths, I am the sea

Among the woods, I am the tree

I take this rune inside of me

The solidity and gravity of the lines is supposed to increase with each stanza.

We would complete this cycle twice a month in order to cover all 24 runes in a calendar year.

I used an image of the Valknut on this page because I consider Odin to be the inspiration behind me devising my own runic chant.

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