I AM a Selfish Prepper

What do you do with the knock that comes to your door on day 36 of a bad situation? It is your sister-n-law and she has run out of food. This bothers me, but ultimately I know what the right answer is. I just resent it all because I am a selfish prepper.

Prepper withstand loads of sideways looks and open snickers over the years.

Everyone thinks we are silly for wasting our money and our time with preps. Nothing that bad is every going to happen. Short sighted Regular people think we are overreacting, right up until the moment we aren’t.

I have taken money I could also have used to satisfy some hankering for stuff and methodically set it aside to buy supplies that I may well never need. My whole world view could turn out to be a waste of money. I accept that.

I have taken weekends when I could have been off galavanting with my peers, but instead did things like turning a corner of the basement into a panic room. Likely a giant waste of time, until it isn’t.

I know I am going to end up packing a grocery bag for my sister-n-law. Here is why I do not like doing that. Your ‘Thanks A Lot’ is meaningless to me, I can not eat your ‘Thank Yous’ later on. You are not learning a lesson. This is an empty platitude. The time for that would have been before all of this happened. But I still would do it.

The Prepper community is fielding arguments right now, that we have hoarded supplies and have a duty to disseminate them. Fuck That. The whole point of my prepping was so I would not have to fend for stuff vs all the rest of you when the time came. I did not prep for you, I prepped against you.

The harder question is;

What do you do with the knock that comes to your door on day 73 of a worse situation. It is your neighbors wondering if you have any food to spare. Here is the problem. There are 2 answers to this and which one you chose depends on information you do not yet have.

If the crisis is eventually over. You did the right thing giving them food. Yeah! we all came together as a community and pulled through. America at its proudest defining moment.

If things get worse, then handing them out food on day 73 does you no good. A week later when they need you again, they will not care that you helped them before, if you do not continue to help them. That Thank You from last week will quickly devolve into a Fuck You this week.

Nobody is going to say to the mob, ‘Let’s spare that house because they helped us that one time a few weeks ago‘.

Prepping allows you to be the good guy in a temporary fix. Being a Selfish Prepper requires you to be the bad guy in a dire situation. The act of Prepping is selfish in its nature. You are the Ant & They are the Grasshopper. They chose to not think this through. They chose to not set aside time and resources to be prepared. Sharing with them is like throwing good money after bad.

Bottom line is that I prep for me and my immediate family.

You are not my children, get away from my door. This is easy to say typing from my office, harder to say to a hungry neighbor’s face.

I do not think the current crisis is to the Fuck Thy Neighbor level. But these thoughts need to be pre thought out before the next crisis comes that is up to that level.

I do think this rant is one that might deserve a ‘Change My Mind‘ banner. I would be open to your arguments in the comments the same way I would likely be open to your arguments at my door with hat in hand. Thoughts for a selfish prepper?

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8 thoughts on “I AM a Selfish Prepper

  1. Great post and so true. We are “semi” preppers and our in-laws don’t know how to cook a meal for their family of 4, they live off of take out and carnation instant breakfast, which might explain why their kids are sick all the time and are in the bottom 10% of the growth charts. But they laugh at us or mock us when ever we talk about prepping and it will be extremely hard to hand out anything to them when they need it. The price per item will be extremely costly, say 200% mark up,,wait 500% mark up.

  2. It’s a curly one, isn’t it? I’m a bit of a prepper, in that I have a stockpile of essentials. I’m wondering if my sister will come knocking in the next few weeks.
    This is after years of being told that my ‘zombie apocalypse’ cupboard was overkill and I was ‘odd’ to have one.
    I’ll help her, but I won’t be happy…

  3. I am not really a prepper but totally agree with you. I think the problem is that basic level prepping essentially is just common sense. Maybe that is because I am from a not that well-developed country which was facing some strange situations even in my lifetime. Having at least a month worth of food in the pantry, candles and flashlights, in-house water source, a generator (I am still guilty not purchasing this yet) could seem extreme to someone but for us this is just how things should be. This remained with us from our parents/grandparents generations as it used to be totally normal. These days when we are at lockdown these makes our lives easier. The supply chains aren’t disrupted yet but at least we can avoid “hunting with the mob”. My neighbors operate a corner store and a bakery 50m away from our doorstep so I am kind of lucky o this field. The situation is not so serious but watching too much news can play with your head. The other day I started to wonder if we should keep some kind of weapon at home just in case…

  4. The word prepper and hoarder have taken different definitions to me lately. If you hoarded TP over the last 2 years, you are a prepper. It was smart, and it is now paying off. You have one less thing to worry about, and you don’t need to go in public.
    On the other hand, if you are hoarding during the great TP shortage of 2020, then you are causing the great TP shortage of 2020.
    Our beach tenants moved out a few weeks ago, and we didn’t think and went down to SC with no TP. The tenant left one roll in the townhouse.
    We got word they would be opening a box at walgreens at 8 the next morning, and showed up 3rd in line. The manager announced as he cut into the box that there was a limit of 4 per customer. The box held 8 9-packs. It was not difficult math that we might be leaving without TP. As predicted guy 1 takes 4, avoids eye contact, and walks away with 36 rolls. Lady 2 turns makes eye contact, takes 2, smiles, and walks away with 18 rolls. We took 1 pack and left the last one on the shelf. I was contemplating following guy number 1, ambushing him, and wrapping him in toilet paper.
    I am beginning to see the benefits of prepping, but think it would be smart to keep the practice very quiet and hidden.

  5. To be honest all of my family is many miles away from me, all but one lives east of the Mississippi river, one lives in TX. If anyone shoed up at our base of operations that is not a part of the full organization they have to ways to leave on the run down hill or become fertilizer.

  6. It matters the extent of your prepping. Prep for 60 people for 4 months and you are a warlord in the local sense.

    If you prep only for your family and extended then chances are you are just a loot box for those that prepared for 60. Things such as acceptable losses come to mind.

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