Chapter 5; How To Serve

How do we hold true with the gods? Show service to the Gods? Well there are many ways, both large and small.

First and Foremost is with you, yourself. If we are looking to expand, than propaganda is paramount. The image of heathenry starts with you. Are you successful? Healthy? Happy?

I try to live my best life everyday. I do not advertise, but nor do I shy away from letting those around me know my beliefs. When they have no other experience with those beliefs they judge based on what they know. It may be unconscious, but they will draw parallels between ‘being pagan‘ and whether or not you are making a good showing as a pagan.

I also do not hesitate to point out the myriad of flaws with mainstream religions. Not to the extant that I am ‘that guy‘ but enough that they should not be able to casually overlook the more glaring issues with their religion.

Give the gods service by giving them your time. Driving down the road, I will turn the music down, take a couple of breathes, and recite the runes. Why? Because setting aside a space and doing it counts as acknowledging and even on some small level, that is a sacrifice of time and energy.

I also bring the gods with me wherever I go. At the end of a long hike through the woods and I come out on a hill overlooking a lake. Take a minute. Breath. Talk out loud to the gods. Spread them to all the corners of your world. This is not one sided, it is a trading. As you spend time on the gods they will spend time on you as well.

Offerings need not be so literal. They are an ideal, a conscious thought or deed that states you are acknowledging and interacting with the gods, or nature.

Piety would have you not go too long in between moments such as those above.

Discipline is valuable. By that I mean having a consistency to your thoughts and actions. This takes them from a spontaneous whim to a set or series of thoughts and actions. This is the beginnings of a creed.

I personally find comfort in the home altar. It acts as an anchor for me, but I also like the idea that everywhere is your church and the spots where one conducts a tithing can be random and as the moment takes you. Service has no set rules.

Raising my children to be familiar with all this is the single strongest mark I think I have made. I can not imagine a gift exchange worth more to the gods than the thought of children being brought up to revere them.

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