Chapter 4; How To Ask

Of all the balls it takes for me to try to tell you how to hold Troth with the gods, telling you how to ask them to do something for you has got to be the ballsiest.

All I can do is tell you the thought processes I went through and the actual motions I went through when I wished to get something done and felt compelled to call upon the gods for their intervention.

I have done it twice in worthy enough fashion to describe the process.

First the family lakeside cottage. Acquired by a grandparent in the 1950’s, this property is the crown jewel of the family empire. However due to sloppy estate planning, (make a WILL people!) the cottage was left to my responsible father-n-law and his 2 difficult sisters. We all used and loved the property, but it was slowly falling apart and nobody had the money to maintain it except my father-n-law. Complicating this was a bad law in our state, which has since been rectified, that upon a transfer of property, even to a family member, this uncaps the property taxes.

When grandma died the taxes shot up and now we had to put the property on the market. It got high cash offers, but the sisters would not take it. They thought it was worth more. Than 2008 happened and the first thing to go in a bad economy is second homes and boats. No more offers on the property.

My wife and I are doing OK financially and I start to crunch the numbers, it is just not going to work.

But this home on the lake is the definition of OTHALA. It was always the intent to keep it for generations. I wanted to retire up there. 5 generations of my wife’s family had been making memories on the water.

I cut strong runes on a candle, FEHU, LAGUZ, OTHALA. A bind rune.  I think a bindrune can safely be called a spell for all intense and purpose. Our possessions and property brought to us by our own hands, the flowing nature of the water and my families connection to it and the ancestral property itself, the heart and hearth of our clan.

I saw this answer about bindrunes on reddit and with credit to NeauxFear, here it is;

Bindrunes aren’t really about “right side up” so much as symmetry and conceptual “flow” (like words in a sentence, kind of). In the end, the bindrune isn’t the magic; it’s just a focal point for the vitki and/or their client to concentrate one’s thoughts and wishes. Anything that distracts from that is detrimental, hence my thoughts on symmetry.

I poured my stream of consciousness thoughts about why this should happen. Promised to share the place with any family who wanted time if I was able to secure it.

I bled the bind rune. Buried it for a night in the shore of the cottage. I willed this plan to work. This is the spell work.

By this time I was running the cottage as far as scheduling and bill paying. We sent a proposal to the sisters to buy their equity out. There had to be a consolidation if the cottage was to survive. We made a separate agreement with my sister-n-law to accommodate her equity. The sisters said OK. We took out a mortgage and somehow the stars aligned and the cottage belongs to my wife and I. A real coup.

I left the remnants of the candle deep inside the bones of the house.

Next Up, a job.

My wife chides me that I am immature to have ‘enemies’ as an adult. But they are enemies none-the-less. I was a happy civil servant for 12 years. However my colleague and dare I say – nemesis, was poised to become the boss. A spider so petty and mean spirited that she told a coworker she hoped I did not get the job of which I am about to speak because she was looking forward to firing me. This is a person who we shared photos of our kids growing up for over a decade.

Anyway, things are looking bad for me at work. The end of the tracks are rapidly approaching. When out of the blue there is an unscheduled retirement announcement in another department. I had sniffed around this position but it was at least 2-3 years away I thought.

As soon as the email hit the wires I walked down to the boss of the other department and told him I was interested in the job. That night I went right to the altar. I was not about to miss this chance.

Carved another bind rune on a candle. RAIDHO, JERA, BERKANO. Blooded the runes.

Chanted the runes and poured my will into the spell.

I chose those runes under these auspices. RAIDHO, not only a journey but that the charioteer has a command view of battlefield. It is for ordered movements like dance, poetry, or music. JERA. I had spent years fostering relationships throughout the extended workplace, it was time to call in my pull. To reap what I had sewn. The fruition of well laid plans. Lastly, BERKANO. New green shoots. That I would find a way to not only stay in the same system as my adversary, but to find a way to thrive outside of her sphere of influence. She would not be the end of my career.

I went to the prospective office when nobody was around and buried the candle in the room itself behind an outlet plate near the ceiling. Each spell calls for its own idiosyncrasies.

I got the job. The spell candle is still there to this day 🙂

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