Chapter 18; LowKey Hoping for a Straw Death

I recently tried to get my spouse to pack up our current life and start all over again by purchasing a sweet self contained compound with lots of room for expansion.

There is nothing wrong with my current life. Living the All American dream. Good jobs, 2 kids, nice town, enough money to not worry about anything. Still.

I saw a posting on that made my heart skip a beat. Here’s an overview pic.


It had a big house, a separate cozy cottage, its own church with an apartment attached. Also several outbuildings, 3 ponds, 107 acres, and was in the middle of nowhere. Could have afforded it.

I was actually ready to leave the world and start my own Hof. Get off the Grid and provide a retreat from the world to friends and strangers alike.

It did not happen, and now I realize part of the reason I wanted this compound was to give me an excuse for living out till my old age with a purpose. This was not the kind of property that could be left to heirs unless the children wished to follow up on my goals. It was very hard to sell the first time because it is such a specific parcel.

I knew if I was running it, I would be serving the Gods with purpose and I would be needed to continue on the land and could not go running off doing reckless things.

The Bells of Chaos and Strife are ringing ever louder. I hear them. I think part of me wanted to stay by my fire and grow gray.

Let's get things nice and sparkling clear