Summer Solstice Update 2018

Happy Litha everyone! Constant updates can get a little tedious so I have shifted to a Quarterly update which corresponds nicely with some Pagan holidays I would like to slowly introduce. Updates are also where I get to use up my pics that do not really fit with any other post.

Lunar Eclipse for Flat Earthers

I published the first and only Guest Post we have ever had here on my blog. I am hesitant to delve into my youthful heyday promoting vice and unsavory lifestyles. Don’t get me wrong, I do not regret it, it’s just I hold out hope I might still run for office one day(probably kidding). So I choose instead to live vicariously through one of my favorite bloggers. See a chapter of his youthful heyday HERE.

I also sent out another guest post (my 3rd). This time to HALT CATCH FIRE. He is helping spread the word that FIRE and Prepping are kissing cousins.

And yet another guest post, this time at Michael Dinich, Your Money Geek. This post is also about Prepping, it’s like a theme with me I guess.

I am to going to FinCon18 this year, tickets are bought. (flight for free!) This will be my first time. I am looking forward to meeting some of you in person.

I will be the handsome, albeit bald, gent wearing a  fashionable T-shirt with this pic;

Pleased to Share my Alexa Ranking, holding fairly steady;

Global 375,838 and U.S. 73,191

Now for the Numbers at the 18th MONTH MARK,

  • 86,970 page views since launching Feb 1, 2017 (+ 11,692 from the Spring Update)
  • 138 total published posts (average 7.6/month) Up from 110 last season
  • 857 total comments (I need 98 views to average 1 comment) Up from 785 last season
  • I have collected 1,622 followers on Twitter (+84 since last update season)
  • 803 on Pinterest (+20)
  • 830 on Facebook (+44) I finally made a FB Page for OthalaFehu, please GO THERE and Like/follow. Thanks!
  • 558 on Instagram. (Up +5 since last season)
  • 30 followers on Quora (+11) sad, but we have to start somewhere.
  • 113 followers by email/Wordpress (+10)

Tracing the path back to the following sources;

This is using WordPress, Google gives me way different stats.

  • Reddit 2,785
  • Facebook 2,586
  • Rockstar Finance 2,418
  • Twitter  @othala_fehu 2,117
  • Search Engines 1,505
  • Directory at RockStar Finance 1,366
  • Retirement Manifesto 675
  • PhysicianOnFire 381

Popularity of my posts ranked;

Other stats I found;

Average comments per post: 7

Total Words Written; 69,600

Average words per post; 606

Litha or Midsummer, is the period of time centered upon the summer solstice, and more specifically the northern European celebrations that accompany the actual solstice and the preceding evening. The exact dates vary between different cultures. Think bonfires and the Green man.


Pagan good time

4 thoughts on “Summer Solstice Update 2018

  1. unsavory is also known as fun in our house. man, it takes time to figure out those promotional tools. i had to ditch the chooseFI facebook group after just 2 days. reddit? i got suspended after one post. i guess you gotta decide how much time you can commit to learning it while still living you life.

  2. Thanks for the update. Definitely gives me goals to aim for (excellent number of page views and comments). I especially love comments on my posts (most rewarding thing after releasing your baby out in the wild). Well wishing you continued success as your blog continues to grow

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