With 10 Years Left to Live

We all know and accept we will die, however, we don’t know when.

But if you knew when you would die, would you live your life the same? Or a bit differently? Or radically overhaul it?

Ms ZiYou posted about this as a thought exercise and invited any of us to;

“The rules are as follows: a quick stream of consciousness post answering the question posed. If you want to join in please do and write a quick post of your own – then let us know and we’ll add you in.”

So Here is my answer;

  1. Get The Money Squared Away First

I have a healthy term life policy in the amount of $500,000, plus another $100,000 through work. This is a decent chunk of change to leave after my 10 years are up.

Term life is superior to the other life insurance products. I could write a whole post about that, but I have seen that done well before and choose not to belabor the point here.

2.  Reorganize my day-to-day life

Pretty sure my wife would be on board, but I would have us quit our jobs. Being on the path to FIRE has us in pretty good shape already, (net worth update).

MY two boys are 12 and 8. I would dedicate the next/last 10 years to being with my family. We would take a gap decade.

I don’t see how I could ever look back on how I spent those last years and say I am glad I kept going to work.

3.  Impart as much ‘Wisdom’ as possible

I can’t wait to watch my kids grow up into adults. We are a close family, mostly because my wife’s parents raised her that way and I prefer it to my childhood.

I would want to spend each day with my wife and kids. I realize I would have to give them some leash through their teenage years, but we would find plenty of time to be with each other.

They are going to have to get used to me spouting off about things I want/need them to learn.

So much so, that I think I would incorporate some tapes into the mix. I mean the whole cheesy ‘I made this tape for you because I knew I would not be there for your wedding’. There are several services out there that do this. I could probably even Twitter from beyond the grave!

4.  Live it Up

I am one of those people that feels that TRAVEL is an essential part of a healthy mind. I have hit a few places on my wishlist. (Travel Log) But boy do I have some ideas if I knew I only had 10 years to live.

Things do not matter much to me, but experiences do. If I was going to go away when my boys are at the tender ages of 22 and 18, I would want to cram those years with memories.

5. Get Fat and Start Smoking Again

10 years left, give me my hedonism and go stuff your puritanical BS. I like smoking and eating whatever the hell I want. It would be freeing to know that I could live consequence free for years. The guilt and fear of causing my own premature demise holds me back from living out my true nature. No More!

7. No Regrets

I don’t think dying is a sad thing because ultimately, it can not be avoided. Missing out on time with your family is a sad thing because that is about the choices you have made. I would say the things I want to say and do the things I want to do. Leave it all on the table. They might only be 10 years, but they are gonna be a full 10 years!

7. Something Stupid?

I reserve the right to do something stupid at the very end. Valhalla is hard to get into after all.

So you’ve read what I would do, what about the others? How would it change or not change their lives?

And thanks to SavingsNinja for organizing.


13 thoughts on “With 10 Years Left to Live

    • I miss it so, only the fear that it would take me away from my loved ones is enough of a deterrent to keep me away.

  1. I can completely relate to the idea of forcing my kids to imbibe my wisdom whether they want it or not. Why is it so hard for them to understand quite how wise and amazing I am? And, quite how selfless and generous I am to share that wisdom so frequently and so fulsomely!

    It’s a mystery.

    • Don’t they realize how much they would have to pay normally as a member of the general public to hear me pontificate?

  2. Great thought experiment. So many people delay things too long because they think they will live forever and sadly don’t. If I knew I had 10 yrs to live, I would get the highest coverage term life policy I could swing to really set my heirs up. Hit the nail on the head about experiences. I came late to the party with that realization of how much that is in living a fulfilling life. I still fondly joke around with my girlfriend about some of the adventures we have shared in the past with travel. The material stuff we by never comes up. It’s the experiences. That demonstrates where you should prioritize your spending.

  3. I was surprised to see smoking!:) But I would probably indulge myself with a lot more junk, so that is no different.
    Having an actual date would help plan better! So hard to work with the unknown.

  4. I think you hit the nail on the head. I would follow your path minus the cigarettes. I enjoy a rare cigar and would continue with that. Your kids are older. They will be men when 10 years passes. Mine is still to young and I would feel it a loss to not see him through his teens. Oh well.

    For a prepper you accept death easily. You would not try to come up with a way to prolong life?

  5. You hit all the biggies – work less, travel more, spend time with family, get your finances in order and feast like a Roman emporer.

    It’s interesting how quick our priorities change if we know our expiration date. Most of us reading this have 40-50 years left but are living like we have unlimited time. Live it up while you can!

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