Fine, you caught me, I am a prepper.

On a true Prepper scale I am probably only about a 6. My wife would argue otherwise. It’s not that I am embarrassed by my particular hobby, it just that I would not want to impugn either of the two subjects I care about i.e. Prepping and FIRE. I suspect there is not much crossover here. Each camp holds certain vaguely distasteful opinions about the other.

TEOTWAWKI = (The End Of The World As We Know It)

I for one find there is a good deal of similarity and overlap between these worlds. How is this for starters;


This applies to preparation (bugout or financial) and the unpredictable nature of disasters (natural or economic). Both groups are also striving to establish a certain degree of safety in the world, be that physical or monetary.

I predict that a psychiatrist would have me pegged inside of 20 minutes.

My insecurities concerning the turmoil and lack of any safety net during my tender adolescent years has led me to seek and obsess about security in all its various forms. The ‘Takers‘ in my subconscious are after me. The only way I won’t feel vulnerable is when I have my FU money and live here;

I  suppose I would be better off if I could take a giant chill pill, but then I start to wonder if I am really suffering a consequence from these anxieties? As long as I am not so money tight that I forget to live a little, how could being financially independent be a bad thing? I think it is quite reasonable to live below ones means while accumulating real wealth, commendable even.

And as far as hobbies go, prepping makes me happy.

MOST hobbies are a waste of resources except in the eyes of the hobbyist. And what do you know, if the Zombies do come, (surely a TEOTWAWKI event) getting ready for them will be the best money I have ever spent. (Lasik surgery is a close second). As we sit in the panic room (yes, I have one) happily gnawing on granola bars, my wife will finally have to admit that maybe I am not a complete fool.

If I was really trying to plug it as a crossover lifestyle, Prepping takes both imagination, organization, and meticulous planning. All of which are necessary to properly managing your finances as well.

And, Bonus…. weapons and provisions are not depreciating assets, even without the TEOTWAWKI event.

The ability to assess a situation, make a plan, and stick to it are all traits common to both prepping and FIRE habits as well. Maybe there should be more crossover. For now I am happy to sit in the middle of this Venn Diagram waiting for others to catch up.

I am already alone in the incredible small world of Pagan Finance, what is one more niche clientele? Because if there is anything this blog could use it is a less broad appeal.

 Really thorough outside post on the lighter side of Prepping. “Doomsday planning for less crazy folk

P.S. I also found this article to be very useful in explaining the prepper mentality.

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13 thoughts on “TEOTWAWKI

  1. I share your thinking, however I am not prepping for anything yet. Every kid who ever saw any movies know that zombie apocalypse, alien invasion and stuff like that hit the USA first so here in the heart of Europe we will have a couple of days to get our shit together 🙂 Personally I have mixed feelings about seas/oceans too, so would prefer that house on a mountaintop. Or maybe a giant langskip would be a better choice anyway.

  2. My wife and I are probably a 2 or 3 on the prepper scale. We have flashlights, spare batteries, several weeks of food, and water filtration setup, plus we always keep extra water around. In addition, I am an avid backpacker, so we’ve got backpacks, tents and sleeping bags. Our stove is gas, so without power we could probably still cook food.
    I also have a pistol and rifle, with some (but not lots) of ammo.
    However, we don’t have much in terms of backup power (generator, solar, etc.) and we are on city water.
    Still, I probably wouldn’t survive the zombie apocalypse for more than a week.
    We live in New Jersey, so the potential for a hurricane means we need to be ready to live for at least 72 hours without power or water.
    Congrats to you!
    Mr. 39 months

  3. Ok, I’m an absolute zero on the prepper scale… Even when I think out a plan or a project, half of the time I won’t stick with it. But I also like it this way, I’m in the beginning of my career/FI journey and still finding new insights to improve how I do things. So, for now, I prefer to be a 6 on the scale of flexibility and change plans whenever I feel like it’s needed 🙂

  4. I would say I’m more of a planner than a prepper. I’m definitely the organizer (finance keeper, trip planner, meal planner) in my relationship but if we’re talking about prepping for a zombie disaster then I’ll likely be the first one to go. I guess in that regards I’m a little more ‘live for the moment’ but try to get me to go on a road trip without a hotel booking and I might just lose my mind.

  5. I am probably a five on the scale. I think there is a lot in common with the two groups. Prepping satisfies my planning habit, and makes me feel safer. I worry about both FI and prepping, though, that the thought becomes your reality. In other words, we are in our heads all of the time planning for the future, but never living in the present.

  6. I am not a prepper, but I do love to have a relevant line for people who argue that early retirement is doomed for failure because “stocks are risky”:

    I expect that I will have a portfolio to last me a lifetime and then some, even without any inheritance, Social Security, pension, or another dollar earned, ever. If my diverse portfolio ever has such negative returns as to run out without me spending it, we have bigger problems: the world economy has ceased to function. We are in the Dark Ages or the Walking Dead. Either way, who do you think will survive? People who’s life experiences revolved around a desk and swivel chair, or people who had the time, freedom, and motivation to learn all kinds of cool and unique skills just for shits and giggles?

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