2020 Thanksgiving Stats Update

MY latest Round of Blog Stats.

2020 has been rough. Covid19 has messed up a lot of plans. I keep posting about how my Net Worth goes up even though I can not figure out how or why. The elections were a very trying time for America and that trying time is far from over.

I let my blog slip for months (April – September) posting a mere 3 times a month. I actually contemplated stopping the blog. It seemed to me that FIRE blogs had posted everything meaningful that could be said. That is when I decided to expand in some new directions. I have always enjoyed posting about Prepping and now about my version of Paganism. This blew some new life into OthalaFehu.

I set this Thanksgiving stats Update up as a then vs now to show changes over the last 17 months or so.

Then (Midsummer 2019)

vs. Now (Thanksgiving 2020)

(old) Already bought my tickets to FinCon20. (now) Why I stopped going to FinCon.

Pleased to Share my Alexa Ranking, holding fairly steady again this update;

Global then 2019; 432,909 vs. now 2020; 214,642

and U.S. then 63,315 vs. now 44,248

Picture or it doesn’t count;

This also does not make much sense to me. My hits per month are definitely down, but my Alexa creeps up. I hit as high as 27,000 in the U.S. markets. Why? Maybe business as usual on the internet looks very different in the midst of a pandemic?

Now for the Numbers at the 46th Month Mark

  • 162,109 page views since launching Feb 1, 2017
  • 248 total published posts (average 5.3/month), but I have 35 posts completed yet to be released.
  • 1,464 total comments (I need 105 views to average 1 comment) Clear down turn in comments from past updates
  • I have collected 1,749 followers on Twitter – flat growth, I have neglected this platform. Humans are visual creatures and this is mostly text.
  • 909 on Pinterest (flat again, but with a pivot from FIRE to Pagan boards)
  • 922 on Facebook (exact same?) FB Page for OthalaFehu, please GO THERE and Like/follow. Thanks!
  • 449 on Instagram. (Again, a pivot away from FIRE towards other audiences.)
  • 48 followers on Quora I post more about WWII then I do FIRE, oh well.
  • 127 followers by email/Wordpress (-5)

Tracing the path back to the following sources;

This is using Google & WordPress.

  • Search Engines 10,083
  • Reddit 4,326
  • Rockstar Finance 3,821
  • Facebook 3,540
  • Twitter  @othala_fehu 3,375
  • Directory at RockStar Finance 1,566
  • WordPress 887
  • Retirement Manifesto 866

Popularity of my posts ranked;

Honorable Mention to Year Over Year Net Worth

Other Thanksgiving stats I found;

Average comments per post: 5.9

Total Words Written; 144,684

Average words per post; 583

2 thoughts on “2020 Thanksgiving Stats Update

  1. Woah, 35 completed posts yet to be published! You can take a vacation 🙂

    Personally I find the Alexa rank to be pretty useless – I personally focus on the search traffic from Google (and what posts the traffic comes in on) in terms of if I’m growing nicely or not.

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