As We Enter Our Third Year Blogging

Happy to have made it to the end of YEAR TWO blogging here at OthalaFehu.

Every couple of months I worry that I am nearing the end of being able to produce new content. But alas, I carry on.

I worry that soon all that will be left are the more controversial/irrelevant topics.

Here are some highlights over the last 12 months;

2nd time featured on RockStar Finance; Nobody Wants Your Wedding China.

And 3rd; The Simple Plan to Financial Security.

I had my turn on ‘Blogger Confessions‘ at ThinkSaveRetire.

Lucky #24 on my first Podcast Interview over at Millionaires Unveiled.

Two new Chain Gang entries; ‘10 Years Left to Live‘ and also ‘The Time Machine‘.

Another interview, this time with ESI in his section ‘Millionaire Interviews‘.

Minafi featured me on his Focused Investor series.

Millionairedojo interview here; millionaire series

I also sent out another guest post (my 3rd). This time to HALT CATCH FIRE. He is helping spread the word that FIRE and Prepping are kissing cousins.

And yet another guest post, this time at Michael Dinich, Your Money Geek. This post is also about Prepping, it’s like a theme with me I guess.

I let loose another Prepper Guest Post, this time at  Mike’d up blog

Already bought my tickets to FinCon19. If you have not gone before, just do it once.

Pleased to Share my Alexa Ranking, holding fairly steady again this update;

Global 304,120 and U.S. 67,425

Now for the Numbers at the 2nd Blogoversary

  • 115,431 page views since launching Feb 1, 2017 (+ 16,735 from the Samhain Update 2018(October))
  • 177 total published posts (average 7.3/month) Up from 159 last season
  • 1,148 total comments (I need 99 views to average 1 comment) Up from 994 last season
  • I have collected 1,733 followers on Twitter (+27 since last update season; slowing down or getting picky?)
  • 873 on Pinterest (+43)
  • 890 on Facebook (+24) I finally made a FB Page for OthalaFehu, please GO THERE and Like/follow. Thanks!
  • 531 on Instagram. (Down 33 since last season, I like this platform the least)
  • 44 followers on Quora (+3), Slow and steady wins the race?
  • 137 followers by email/Wordpress (+17)

Tracing the path back to the following sources;

This is using Google & WordPress.

  • Reddit 4,446
  • Search Engines 3,642
  • Rockstar Finance 4,141
  • Facebook 3,061
  • Twitter  @othala_fehu 2,630
  • Directory at RockStar Finance 1,450
  • Retirement Manifesto 865
  • WordPress 733

Popularity of my posts ranked;

I track all of these stats because I personally am in need of a near constant feedback loop, for better or for worse. I figure at least some of you out there are like me and appreciate the sharing.

Other stats I found;

Average comments per post: 6.6

Total Words Written; 90,183

Average words per post; 585

For those of you discouraged that your blog is not gaining enough traction. Plug on and you will make progress. Also don’t forget to redo your SEO configuration. I seemed to have made a big improvement in the amount of organic searches I get just in the last couple of weeks.

5 thoughts on “As We Enter Our Third Year Blogging

  1. Congrats on completing 2 years of blogging! That is what I have heard it the make or break year of bloggers. If you can blog past 2 years you can carry on indefinitely. I am a little less than 3 months shy of my 1st anniversary (and birthday 🙂 ). I too fear the content well runs dry. But so far I will keep chugging along.

    Can’t wait to meet up with you in FinCon 19.

    P.S. If you ever do run out of ideas for post topics I suggest you take your boat out far more frequently on the lake 🙂

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